Tuesday, April 30, 2013


weight: 228
Change: +.9
total lost this round: 5
total lost over all: 43

Sorry I missed yesterday, I was in quite a funk. I totally caved and ate everything in sight. I am definitely and emotional eater! Anyway, I am lucky I am not up more than .9.

So. Today my daughter has to take her yearly testing and my son will be with my mother, I am very much looking forward to 3 hours to myself. I need it to regroup! I am trying to get my head back. It isn't fair that I let my emotions get to me so easily. Anyway today is another day and I will do this!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


weight: 227.3
Change: -.6
total lost this round: 5.9
total lost over all: 43.9

I hate weekends, I did a great job all day but my 3 yr old took a long late nap causing me to stay up late and I ended up snacking mindlessly.....here's to a big loss tomorrow :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013


weight: 227.9
Change: + 2.6
total lost this round: 5.3
total lost over all: 43.3

Stupid gymnastics....I didn't get around to making food before our three hour stint at gymnastics so I had dinner with the kids after 7 pm. I ate mostly allowed food (ok so I ate bacon which could be the culprit too but we are going to blame the late dinner). Anyway, I am going running today so it is probably ok that I am up a little. I am going to stay perfectly on protocol today and see what happens.....

Friday, April 26, 2013


weight: 225.3
Down: -0.5
total lost this round: 7.9
total lost over all: 45.9

Well I knew it had to happen eventually.  Things were going so great I had to have a less than 2 pound loss at some point, right?  I think it is because I had a bite or two of pineapple.  I didn't realize it was a 'forbidden fruit' but stopped and checked before I ate too much.  

Off to grocery shop and replenish my supplies.  I am going to pick up some protein shakes and bars that are allowed that will help on days when I just don't have time to cook, like this am. 

Oh also this is a good time to take my measurements:

bust: 45(no bra)
legs: 23.5

Thursday, April 25, 2013


weight: 225.8
Down: -2.2
total lost this round: 6
total lost over all: 43.4

Another great day! I stopped by the market and replenished my veggies. I also picked up some flat bread wraps which are allowed on this version of the diet. I have not eaten so well in the past year as I hE this week. (Except while we were at Disney of course!). If I can keep up this pace for a coups more days I should hit my fort small goal by the weekend and my first big goal of 199 is totally do able!

Oh on a somewhat unrelated note, I think I am going to try to do the no 'poo thing that is going around. My hair is pretty nasty today so no better time to start than the present,right?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


weight: 228
Down: -2.6
total lost this round: 4.8
total lost over all: 41.2

Yesterday was good. I am actually completely out of veggies and I am having to seriously wing it on food until grocery day Friday but some how I am still down today(and down quite alot!). My goal now is not to get over zealous but to keep my eye on that first zero....come on 220. Really frustrating because I was there before but let myself slip in to old bad habits....not again! I am coming up on my 1 year mark doing this diet (end of May) my longer term goal is to hit 199 by my 1 year mark....can I do it??

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


weight: 230.6
Down: -2.2
total lost this round: 2.2
total lost over all: need to look up beginning weight

Yesterday went well. I had two eggs(one whole and one white) for breakfast. Then lunch was crab legs and dinner was a grilled chicken salad from McDonalds with Waldon farms ranch dressing. I also had some beef stir fried when I got home last night and even slipped and had a few tootsie rolls( and still down 2.2 imagine if I had resisted the candy...something to remember!).

Monday, April 22, 2013


weight: 232.8
Down: up so disgustingly much!
total lost this round:
total lost over all:

Everything around here has been so crazy since the move. I have had such a hard time focusing this entire year but now I am hopefully on track. I am trying the new, updated 800 calorie version with pellets. If I keep having a hard time I may have to look into switching back to drops or even injections. I hope this works though because the pellets are less expensive.....

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Technical difficulties!

My Wii seems to have died! I can't get the remotes thingies to come on so I can't weigh myself!

That said I have had a mental health break, first my daughter was in the hospital, then I got my period and now my son is recuperating from dental surgery. In the down time I have decided to investigate the 800 calorie version of the diet. I bought the book and I am almost done reading it. It will be so much more interesting to my tongue because there is much more options to chose from.

I will be start the 800 calorie diet tomorrow. I hope my wii starts working by then, if not I will have to buy or borrow a cheap scale. Until then.....

Friday, April 12, 2013

R2P2D1 take two....

The day I last tried to start this my 8 year old daughter ended up in the hospital and I was not peered to stick to it while at the hospital and awake for 36 hours straight. So here we are tarting round 2 over again. I am using the pellets now. I have to say they are quite tasty! So now my starting weight is 229.9.....lets do this thing!!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Weight 229.3

I am back, looking forward only. I am determined this will be my last round! I am trying pellets this round so we will have to see how that goes. Off to send Colin to school.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Short intermission.....

Just stopping in to explain my recent absence of blog posts. I was so sick a week ago that I missed several doses of my HCG which basically meant to just start back would be very wasteful. Since I was at the end of a short round anyway I decided it was best to take a brief break. I am doing a color run tomorrow and then I will be jumping back in to start round three on Monday. I will be back soon!

Monday, March 25, 2013


I think I have the count right. I have been sick for the last few days....like really sick. I haven't eaten exactly protocol but not for eating junk. I have barely been able to eat anything because my throat is so raw. I am down .4 today, so there is that. You would think not being able to eat would help pounds pour off, but not so much. Hopefully I can get back on track soon and eat like I am supposed to....right now I am just happy to get broth down. :(

Friday, March 22, 2013


Being a woman sucks, seriously. That time of the month I have no will power whatsoever! Also I swear I have a mental block, every time I get to this current weight I seem to binge or something. I refuse to let it beat me, I am getting back up brushing myself off and getting back on track. It is the weekend though which always gets me but I will fight it.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I was up 1.8 yesterday but it didn't record on my Wii due to a technical issue so when today I was down .4 it really means down 2.2. So yay,

My weighing in is really getting messed up because my hubby has had a schedule change and he is still in bed when I am trying to weigh....stupid schedule!

I am a little worried about today because I was attempting to make some cookies (big fat fail but I still tried).

I also got a visit from my 'little friend' so who knows what that means for my weight tomorrow!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Not much to report today. My whole house slept in so I couldn't weigh in but didnt really want to see the damage I did this weekend anyway...I broke down and weighed, just up 1.8 but I knew I would be. I am back on track today and hopefully it won't take much to get that back off. I switched to a new bottle(and brand) of drops. Change always makes me nervous....we will see how it goes

Friday, March 15, 2013


current weight 217.2
down .2
total lost 13.2 .

Today I was just praying not to be up so I am grateful for the .2. I would like to say the low number is because I had lost 7 lbs between the two days prior BUT it is more likely because I am just weak and broke down and had some pop corn and had to try the cookies I made....like I said I am just thankful I am not up!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


weight: 217.4
Down: 2.4
total lost this round: 13
total lost over all: 13
goal this round 66 lbs

I was very tempted yesterday but I am proud to say I resisted almost every temptation. I took my daughter to Krispy Kreme for breakfast and rather than have a donut (or 12) like I usually would have, I only had coffee! Ten my son got McDonalds for lunch and I wasn't even tempted by his fries. The only thing that actually got me was the can of Pringles my daughter came home from Grandma's house with but I guess that didn't get me too bad so I am ok with my day.

Today will be another challenge. I have to bring cookies to my son's preschool class for Green day tomorrow and I told the kids we would bake them together and then we are going to the movies, I am at a weight that I always seem to sabotage myself at so I am determined not to do it this time....come on 210!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I am back! R1P2D16(I think that is the right day, lol). The weekend of the move messed me up a little, I weighed the day before yesterday and I was down .5 from the last time I weighed on my wii 8 days before which means anything I had lost on the other scale I gained back BUT since I was never really sure what I had lost I am not going to beat myself up over it, all I have seen on the Wii is a loss so I am going with that, lol. Today I am down 3.5 ( definitely back on track!!). Current weight is 219.8 total loss so far is 10.6. I am off my track of a pound a day but just by a little, I think I can get it back and even if I just continue to lose 1 a day I am still looking good for this round :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We are 95% done with our move, YIPPEEEEEE but due to placement of our new cable modem I need to buy a new power strip to be able to plug in my Wii SO that being said I am heading out this afternoon and I will begin posting weights again tomorrow.   Unfortunately I don't expect to see much good as I got a cold the same time we moved and the two together caused me to fall really hard off of protocol.  ;(   Guess we will know for sure tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


weight: 219
Down: 1
total lost this round: 11.4
total lost over all: 11.4
goal this round 66 lbs

I miss my wii! I am seriously guessing on my loss, if I stand one way on he scale I am up FOUR pounds which can't be possible but if I lean another way I am down 1....I am going with the down one!

We hope to be done moving this weekend so I can have my scale back!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


weight: 220
Down: 1
total lost this round: 10.4
total lost over all: 10.4
goal this round 66 lbs

Man I want my wii back! I do not like the analog scale I have,your weight depends on how you stand! I could get it to be as much as 2 pounds down but figured, by the way I was standing, this is more likely the true result.

I had a steak and lettuce salad for lunch and chicken and lettuce for dinner, apples for snacks.

I am a little concerned that I am only a week into this and my bottle of drops is almost halfway gone. At least I have found the drops are much cheaper than the shots!

Monday, March 4, 2013


weight: 221
Down: 2.5
total lost this round: 9.4
total lost over all: 9.4
goal this round 66 lbs

While I am very excited by these numbers on the surface I have to add it may not be completely accurate. We are in the process of moving and my hubby unplugged my Wii (and tangled the cords so badly it isn't worth trying to figure out how to reconnect before taking them to the new house). So this weigh in was on a different, non-digital scale. I figure the 2.5 may not be 100% but at least I have a base line for this scale and by the time the Wii is reconnected I should see a HUGE number! It will feel like I am on the biggest loser! Lol

So for lunch yesterday I had a 3 egg white/ one full egg omelet with asparagus (yum) dinner was a steak and spring mix salad. I also snacked on hamburger with tomato sauce(family had spaghetti for dinner). I had an apple for a sick during the day.

Now I am off to get back to painting, cleaning and moving!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


weight: 223.5
total lost this round:6.9
total lost over all: 6.9
 goal this round 66 lbs

note to self, when you have a bad day, and cheat...it takes more than one day to bounce back!  All the more motivation not to cheat.  Err....still I am down and average of more than one pound a day so far so not complaining.  I am also hitting that place where my lack of certain foods is causing thing not to run quite a routinely as I would like which I am sure is adding to my reduced numbers.  So today I am going to focus on staying on track, dinner before 7 pm (another late night yesterday thanks to us working on moving to a new house down the street) and maybe a cup of Smooth Move tea. ;)  
 For now time to get the kiddos moving to go to Sunday school before home again to paint my son's bed, their rooms are almost done.  More moving tonight.....BUT if I don't have dinner before 7 I will just have an apple and be done! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


weight: 224
total lost this round:6.2
total lost over all: 6.2
 goal this round 66 lbs

I can't say I didn't expect this.  We had gymnastics last night and I didn't get to eat dinner until after 7 pm.  also I got a little cocky and snacked.  I need to plan better and bring food to eat while my daughter is at practice so I don't have to wait until we get home.   

What sucks is I still went to be hungry and woke up starving. ;(

Have to leave in an hour for 3 1/2 MORE hours at gymnastics so I need to go prep myself some lunch so I don't do something stupid again.  

Friday, March 1, 2013


weight: 223.1
total lost this round:7.3
total lost over all: 7.3
 goal this round 66 lbs

Why oh why did I resist the drops for so long?  They cost me less and seem to be working so much better.  Now in fairness I am certain my head is in a much better place this round and I have so much more will power so that is something but still.   I mean like last night, I was sitting up watching tv and my head was saying, go in the kitchen EAT but I kept my hands busy and kept my lazy butt on the couch and resisted.  That wasn't hunger that was WANT. I am very happy that I seem to know the difference.  At this rate, I will hit my first 10 pound goal in the next 2 days!  I do know however weekends are usually my downfall so we have to see how this pans out. 

I can't really say what I ate yesterday, I was running errands all day and basically ate on the run and really don't remember but I do know I stayed mostly with in protocol.  I ate a few Doritos but otherwise I was good.  Seeing my daily results is definitely giving me motivation to stay on track.   

Thursday, February 28, 2013


weight: 225.3
total lost this round:5.1
total lost over all: 5.1
 goal this round 66 lbs

So yesterday was going soooo well.  We were busy but I had time to have some small steak medallions sauteed and sliced into a salad for lunch.  I had two apples during the day for snacks and then while at gymnastics with my daughter I snacked on some sugar peas that she loves.  I am still not sure they are 100% allowed but I figured it was better by far than buying chips so thought it was ok (and it obviously was...)  When we got home from gymnastics I sauteed up a piece of chicken breast and just ate it by itself, allowing the sugar pea things as the veggie for that meal.   

I did find myself snacking on about 10 Doritos and I ate 3 Happy Cola gummies.   As the night went on I really did want to put that bag of Doritos over my head like a feed bag but now I am SOOOO glad that I resisted because the results were totally worth it.  I am OVER half way to my first mini goal of 10 pounds and I am only on day 3!  I can totally do this, right???? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


weight: 228.2

total lost this round:2.2
total lost over all: 2.2

 goal this round 66 lbs

woo hoo it is so nice to see almost 2 lbs gone in one day.  I almost feel bad though.  I did AMAZINGLY well all day yesterday even dealing with a large amount of stress but then right at the kids bedtime I caved and had a couple of handfuls of peanut m&m's.  I mean on one hand I am happy because it obviously didn't cause me too much trouble but it makes me wonder how much I would be down if I hadn't caved and eaten them.  

Well it's too late to worry about it now but I just have to avoid that going forward.  As for my food yesterday, I was running all day.  For lunch I had some precooked steak intended to be put on a salad but since I was still running like crazy I just ate the meat.  I had an apple between meals and after dinner.  For dinner I had stir fried shrimp and bok choy. 

Now off to start today.   

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


weight: 229.9

total lost this round:.9
total lost over all: .9

 goal this round 66 lbs

Ok, I did pretty well yesterday.  Got all my drops in and loaded away.  Today we hit the ground running with the very low calorie diet part of this diet.  I am also going to start taking my African mango.  So far I do feel like I have had less appetite.  My biggest challenge will be not eating just because I want to eat.  Wish me luck. 

Monday, February 25, 2013


weight: 230.8

total lost this round:
total lost over all: 

 goal this round 66 lbs

Oh I am not a fan of loading.  It doesn't help that I am working on painting my new house so we can move soon and I spent all day at the new house which means I did not have my drops with me, which probably doesn't help with things.  So far I have to say I prefer the injections just because I do it first thing in the morning and I am done. On the other hand, I only took the drops first thing in the morning but I have to say I wasn't really hungry most of the day.  

So hopefully today I can start getting in the habit of taking them on time and eating the way I should.  I guess I will have to carry the bottle with me where ever I go, which makes me a little nervous because it is a glass bottle.  I think I have enough fat stores that when I go to VLCD tomorrow I shouldn't have much trouble.  I just have to load smartly today.   

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My last first day (I hope) R1P1D1

weight: 230.4

total lost this round:
total lost over all: 

 goal this round 66 lbs

I have to mention I am sick at myself, I actually let myself go really bad since I stopped my last round and have my biggest bounce back weight ever (up over 10 lbs!) Put I kind of knew I was doing it and I will not kick myself for it!)

 I am doing things a little different this round.  I switched from injections to drops.  That being said I decided to reset all of my counters and make it a totally fresh start.  So today I am on day one phase one.  I am loading today and tomorrow.  Then full on until I see my goal. I have also bought some African Mango to help with cravings, some Miracle Fruit tablets to help with sugar cravings and even some chocolate inhalers in case I just can't live with out a hint of something sweet.  I will do it this time.  

And since I know a certain someone could use a little distraction right now, I will post as close to every day as possible.  Just keep in mind we are moving so that might cause a small delay at some point. ;) 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


weight: 220.2
total lost this round: 9.4
total lost over all: 51.4

I actually had a good day yesterday. I had eggs for lunch and some crab for dinner. I had one apple for snack.

I have not been drinking enough water so that is my focus today. I ordered some African mango last night, it is supposed to help with hunger and cravings.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

pain and sickness

lord I have been in a horrible place the last few days. I have felt so awful, pains in my tummy and the like. Actually if I had a gall bladder I would say it felt like I had gall bladder problems! The only thing that helped was carbonated soda and food that was not ok to eat. The result is up two pounds. the good news is I don't feel so bad today and I have no interest in food so hopefully I can get back on track.

Friday, February 1, 2013

technical difficulties

sorry, due to technical difficulties (and a VERY upset tummy) there is no way I am weighing in today.  I see some serious praying to the porcelain god in my near future.   that is all.....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


weight: 219.8

total lost this round: 9.5
total lost over all: 51.4

I had a good day yesterday.  I had grilled chicken and lettuce for lunch and a bit of pork steak for dinner.  snacked on an apple and orange during the day.   Sorry,  I don't have time for more... my little man is trying to drag me away.  ;) 

Monday, January 28, 2013


Sorry, busy weekend.  My little girl turns 8 tomorrow and that means a sleep over with her friends and a big family gathering.  That also mean Grandma's most delicious birthday cake and a large batch of won tons which equal to a 1.8 lb gain.  Am I happy about this? No but to be honest I really expected it to be more so I will not complain.  I did it to myself.  I have really not done well this round.  I have 20 pounds I really want to lose but for what ever reason my focus isn't here like it has been int he past.

The next big event in our life is a move, which isn't helping but I am going to break this plateau(it isn't really so much a plateau as a mental block at this weight) but I AM going to do it!   

Thursday, January 24, 2013


weight: 219.1

total lost this round: 10.1
total lost over all: 52.1

 I did so much better yesterday. I fought my urge to eat rather than give into it, which has been my problem lately.  I isn't that I have been hungry I have just WANTED to eat but I fought that last night AND then low and behold my 'friend' showed up this morning which really does explain a lot from the last couple of days. 

So yesterday I had shrimp and cabbage for lunch and a little lean beef for dinner with an apple for a snack.  

This weekend is my daughter's birthday and I know I will be tempted but luckily now I know at least some people really read this and will probably call me out when you see me nibbling on junk so I will fight the urge!   

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


weight: 220.2

total lost this round: 9
total lost over all: 51

 I want to use several bad words here.  It is like I have some kind of freaking mental block at this weight.  I sabotage myself EVERY freaking time I get to this range.  I did it to myself, I know what I did I just couldn't stop myself from eating.  I was making won tons for my daughter's birthday party this weekend and I just kept eating them.  

I did just realize this morning I have my yearly physical coming up in a few weeks which I hope will give me the motivation to stay on track now.  I REALLY want to walk in there under 200 (or as close to it as possible!)  So bug me, stay on me, tell me to Stay Calm and Don't Eat when my kids are making me nuts because that is my other problem.  I am self medicating with food when they drive me nuts (which has been a lot lately!) 

Thanks, and thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


weight: 218.7

total lost this round: 10.6
total lost over all: 52.6

Ok, I know I missed a few days.  I have had a rough week.  I have actually been up around 2 pounds and I am finally back to where I was the last time I posted.   I am still having problems with hunger more than in previous rounds and stress eating is getting to me.  I am trying really hard to get over this.  

Yesterday, I had a salad from Chick fila for lunch and just a little chicken for dinner with an apple for snack.  I was craving the crap out of chocolate though so I wonder if my 'time' is coming earlier than I expect, actually with my mood and a few other factors I am almost positive that is what is going on. 

Friday, January 18, 2013


weight: 218.5

total lost this round: 10.8
total lost over all: 52.8

Kind of frustrating, you do everything right and end up with a .2 loss.  I am not letting it bother me I know sometimes your fat cells empty but fill with water so then tomorrow if I do everything right today I should have a very NICE number on the scale.....here's hoping.  

I did just realize I didn't eat any fruit yesterday so could have something to do with that.  Note to self, don't forget fruit!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


weight: 218.7

total lost this round: 10.6
total lost over all: 52.6

Yesterday was a much better day.  I had shrimp and bok choy for lunch and a grilled chicken salad for dinner.  I had two apples during the day for my snacks.  I did nibble on a few Doritos...I have to real that habit in (Damn you taco flavored Doritos!) 

For those who are concerned.  Little Waffle had a fantastic night at gymnastics.  I think giving her the little break to eat was just what she needed but also she just seemed to be in better spirits over all going in last night.  Thank fully no tears and she was bouncing around, singing and dancing when we got home!  I do believe they should probably let ALL the girls have a little longer break at some point during the night but I am just thankful it seems to be helping my girl. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


weight: 219.6
Down: 2.0

total lost this round: 9.7
total lost over all: 51.6

Phew, so nice to see another 2 pound loss!  I think I am FINALLY back on track!  Yesterday I went to the grocery store to restock so I got some chicken from the salad bar to bring home and use with salad I already have here for lunch.  For dinner I made cube steaks for the family so instead of making mine in the gravy I just pan fried one with onions and some P2 safe steak seasoning.  I also had an apple and an orange during the day for snacks.  

Also in regards to full transparency I have to admit I also snuck 2 cookies and about 5 taco flavored Doritos and yes still lost 2 pounds (just have to wonder how many I would have lost if I had NOT cheated....)  

Today I have a handful of chicken breast cuts ready to grill up so I can have them ready at hand for the trip to gymnastics.  I am also going to prep a small dinner for little Waffle in hopes that she manages to make it the whole way through her practice without tears (wish us luck).  

Now, time for some COFFEEEEEEEEEEEE>>>>>>  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


weight: 221.6
Down: 2.0

total lost this round: 7.7
total lost over all: 49.6

Man I am having such a hard time staying on track this time.  I don't know what my problem is but I suspect in may be in part from ignoring my daily posts here SO I am going to try to find time to fit this in.  Things have gotten extremely busy but that is no excuse, if I want to win this fight I have to get my head in the right place.   So no more skipping.  

I am not going to try to tell you what I ate the days I skipped blogging, it is far too many days and frankly I am not proud of what I let pass through my lips.  I honestly have no clue how I am down today but I am going to be proud that I am and get my head in the right place from here.  

Part of my trouble has been my daughter's new gymnastics schedule.  We are at the gym from 4-7pm MWF (and Sat from 10-1)  It is too early to eat dinner before we go but by the time we get home it is really too late.  Today is an off day so I am going to take advantage of the opportunity and grill up a bunch of chicken and put it in baggies so I can grab a salad and go on practice days.  I will just have to eat the salad at the gym.  

Ok game plan in place, time to go get some food in this house! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


weight: 221.5
Down: .5

total lost this round: 8
total lost over all: 49.9

Ugh, I have a cold.  I would probably be down more if it were for the stuffiness in my head!  Anyway, yesterday was a good day but I think some of the past indiscretions of my week are catching up with me, hence the less than great loss. 

I had another 3/1 omelet for lunch and then a grilled chicken salad for dinner.  I was a little low on food so not many options, need to hit the store today.  Also my daughter's gymnastics schedule has left me a little screwed up.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday's she is at the gym from 4 to 7 pm.  Makes it tough to eat at a decent time, so I need to figure how to manage my time better. I am getting there though.  I am so ready to see the end of this journey.  I am very committed to this journey but at the same time it is very difficult to care for a family and make sure they are getting what they need when I am not able to eat what they are eating and have to essentially make two meals every time I cook~

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


weight: 221.8
Down: 1.1

total lost this round: 7.5
total lost over all: 49.4 (I didn't gain 10 pounds, just did poor math last time) 

Not much to say, my food choices were horrid yesterday so I am just thankful I am still down today.  I am having a little trouble getting excited about my food this round, what little there is to get excited about.  I don't really know what the problem is.  I really am excited to see 219(love dropping below those zeros) hopefully I can make my food work for me today and get there tomorrow....fingers crossed.  I am losing at a good pace.  I believe I have 12 pounds to go to make my first goal on my wii.....and I have about a week to do it.  I just hope I don't let this weekend kill me....OH good grief I just realized I have birthday parties Sat and Sun to go too!  wish me luck!!!

Lunch yesterday was 3 egg white/1 whole egg omelet with onions and dinner was a piece of red meat with not much in the way of veggie because we appear to be out.  I need to refresh my apples and veggies. 

I am also going to try to get around to getting measurements today, while it is still relatively close to the date I started.  inches always seem to go faster than pounds and are a good motivator. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013


weight: 227.4
Down: 2.9

total lost this round: 4.9
total lost over all: 59.4

So far so good, not much to report.  I am having a little trouble with hunger but I am adjusting.  It helps when you see a good 2.9 change!   

Yesterday I ate shrimp and bok choy for lunch and grilled chicken salad for dinner.  I had an apple for morning snack, orange for later snack.  I did cheat a little so I am glad it didn't back fire.  

What I did (smartly) do was when I cooked the chicken for my salad I went ahead and grilled up three other servings. So I am set for a few days.  I am soooooo ready to hit 199!!!! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


weight: 229.3

total lost this round:0
total lost over all:41.9

Well here we go.  Starting my first round of the new year. So disgusted with myself and what I let happen over Christmas but I am not going to beat myself up about it.  I have 65 pounds to get to my goal, I CAN do this!  I have my fat loading days today and tomorrow.....then I can start seeing the pounds melt off.  In theory I should be able to make my goal by Easter!  I am not going to put that pressure on myself though.  I will be happy if I am there by my one year date (June 2) 

Well measurements will have to wait, can't seem to find my tape measure...will add as soon as I can. 
Ok off to take my first dose and have some breakfast....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so I know it is very cliche BUT New Year New Me!  It is really just coincidence that everything lined up for me to start round four right now but it has and I am READY to go!  

I will be measuring and weighing in tomorrow morning and I I will also take a before picture.  I know I didn't slip a TON between Disney and Christmas but I did slip so I am ready to get back on track.  

My goal for the new year is to get down to AT LEAST 170, after that I will take things day by day.  I will set my goal for this round in the morning when I see exactly where I have slipped to.  

Until tomorrow.....