Monday, March 7, 2016


weight: 257.0
Down: 1.6
total lost this round: 15.2
total lost over all: 15.2

Ok so 1.6 is nothing to shake a stick at but it has been a couple of days,dang it it should have been more.  I went on a road trip and was PERFECT, I didn't cheat ONCE even when I was driving and exhausted.   I do think I might not have had enough water so maybe tomorrow will be a really big number if I get all my water plus more today.   I know I should be happy I mean I am over halfway to my goal and I still have 16 days to go but still, it gets easy to get frustrated.  The good thing those is frustration doesn't make me automatically want to shove food in my face like it usually would. 

All that said, I can say I had some one who doesn't know I am working so hard ask if I had been losing weight.  She said she could tell so that was nice, nice to know my hard work is paying off and people can see it.   

Saturday, March 5, 2016


weight: 258.6
Down: 1.2
total lost this round: 13.6
total lost over all: 13.6

Ok, so I am not complaining but geesh after a day of just 5 apples I would have thought it would have been more!  Oh well, at least it was a good loss and really I have 18 days to lose 10.6 pounds which will make is my goal of 25.6 pounds down from this round.  

I will say I will be more appreciative of the food I CAN eat now!!

Ok, have to pack up and hit the road today so I wont be weighing again until Monday.  Fingers crossed I don't mess this up.  I usually HAVE to have some kind of junk to keep me going in the car but I am going to bring some Extra sugar free gum (if it is good enough for the biggest loser it should be good enough for me, right?????  

Friday, March 4, 2016

R1 P2 D11

weight: 259.8
Down: .2
total lost this round: 12.4
total lost over all: 12.4

Today was another low number.  errrrr I am ok though.  My HCG app kept asking me yesterday and today if I was going to do an 'apple day' so I decided what the heck, might as well.  SOOOO since noon today I have only had 3 apples.   I sat at Freddy's (think Steak n shake but BETTER)  and all I ate was an apple!  I am very proud of myself.  

I am a little worried about the next couple of days.  I have to go to Savannah (yes Kassie, why did you have to move, you could have come watched my kiddo compete but NOOOO you had to go to Germany, lol)   Anyway, I know I CAN be good, it is just a matter of getting the food I need when I need it and hope the people I am staying with aren't offended when I don't want to eat what she cooks.    

So don't get upset if I don't post the next two days, I am not going to have much to say because I don't trust using different scales and I don't plan on bringing my computer.   

Thursday, March 3, 2016

R1 P2 D10

weight: 260.0
Down: 2.6
total lost this round: 12.2
total lost over all: 12.2

Ok, I well make a real post today.  The last few days have been sooooo busy I just haven't had time.  I haven't had any really bad days but I did have a couple that annoyed me.  I have stayed 100% on point with my eating.  I haven't even licked my fingers when I got Nutella on the making sandwiches for the kids!  SO when I was actually UP .6 3 days ago I was really annoyed.  The next day I was down but only by .4.  So it is really nice to see I am back on track today and I think this 2.6 kind of evens things out.  I mean 12 pounds in 9 days isn't anything to get upset about, right?  

So I am pretty sure water was the culprit.  I realized I had not had nearly enough of it.  Today actually I think I could be down a little more but that nasty I can't seem to 'go' issue is rearing it's ugly head!  I had steak with mushrooms for dinner and I think that is the cause of the problem.  I think that means tomorrow should be even better. 

I do think I might need to break out a cook book.  Getting a little tired of my rotation of meal choices.  I still have 20 days to go on this round, can't drop the ball now.  I mean 12 pounds the first 9 days, even if I only lost .5 every day from here on out we are talking another 10 pounds or so, right?  I will take 22 but my goal is 25 so lets hope I don't have any more stalls and I can lose at least 1 pound a day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

quick post just for Kassie ;)

The last two days have been really busy.  Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I have been perfectly on protocol the last 2 days but even so I had a small .6 lb increase yesterday.  I was down today but only by .4.    I am not discouraged, I think it is more because I didn't get enough water.  I am deep in ketosis and have actually been having to force myself to eat, so I know the HCG is working.

Here is hoping for a HUGE loss tomorrow as I have been perfectly on protocol AND drank a TON of water.

Oh in unrelated news, I am officially out of my boot from where I fell on my foot back in Nov.  I saw the xray and it is still not totally healed but the doc said it is looking good.  Apparently, my break was worse than most of that kind of break.

 Ok, wish me luck on the scale in the morning.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Round 1 phase 2 Day 6

weight: 264
Down: 1
total lost this round: 9
total lost over all: 9

Sorry kind of took the weekend off.  I know I know usually I do that when I have had a few bad days but no, not this time.  Just too busy to really take the time.   I am actually doing pretty well.  As you can see I am down 9 pounds in 5 days (cause today is actually the 6th day)   Best part is the ravenous hunger is GONE.  I am actually having trouble eating the amount of food I was supposed to eat for lunch today so I think that is awesome.   

Not too much else to add right now.  OH I will say my heart grew a few sizes this weekend when my 11 year old daughter told me 'mommy I can tell already' and she pointed right to the area I am noticing change in.  I usually have crazy stomach bloat but that is the first place I seem to be seeing change.   I really need to do measurements, I will try my best to get that done in the morning and add it to tomorrow's post.  Now where is that measuring tape? 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

R1P2D3 the day the dietbet began

weight: 268.8
Down: .8
total lost this round: 4.8
total lost over all: 4.8

I am totally not surprised with today's results.  Not that .8 is anything to be upset about but several factors come into play on why I think it wasn't more.  First of all, there is no way I can expect to lose close to 4 pounds every day.  As long as I am losing, I am happy.  Not to mention I am still at better than 2lbs a day so far.  If this was to keep up that would mean I could lose 60lbs by the time I finish this one 30 day round.  I really don't expect that to be happy.  Would I LIKE it too?  SURE of course I would but I will be happy if I can finish this first round down 30.  Another factor is that yesterday was HARD, I was really hungry from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep.  I didn't have any terrible cravings or anything but I was just HUNGRY. I had 'miracle' noodles with chicken and a little tomato sauce for lunch, an apple for a snack and then some lean beef with onions for dinner.  I was still hungry so I ended up having a little of the roast chicken I had made for the family for dinner.  
The final factor would probably be the miracle noodles themselves.  I mean like HCG Chica says they are basically the nutritional equivalent of cardboard.  It is all fiber and sometimes takes a minute to leave the body.  

I woke up feeling a little less hungry this morning.  The head ache is still there so I have had another cup of black coffee.  I am hoping the headache leaves soon.  

The last thing I wanted to talk about today is Dietbet.  I have finally broken down and signed up for one with the some other members of my travel agency.  I have 4 weeks to lose 4% of my weight, according to my weigh in this morning that means 10.8lbs.   I actually hope they don't red flag me or something if they think I am losing too much for it to be legit!   The pot last I looked was up to $140 and if I understand it correctly, everyone who loses at least 4% will divided that up at the end. 

So that is it for my ramblings for today.  Two days of VLCD's down 28 to go......I can do this, right?