Thursday, February 28, 2013


weight: 225.3
total lost this round:5.1
total lost over all: 5.1
 goal this round 66 lbs

So yesterday was going soooo well.  We were busy but I had time to have some small steak medallions sauteed and sliced into a salad for lunch.  I had two apples during the day for snacks and then while at gymnastics with my daughter I snacked on some sugar peas that she loves.  I am still not sure they are 100% allowed but I figured it was better by far than buying chips so thought it was ok (and it obviously was...)  When we got home from gymnastics I sauteed up a piece of chicken breast and just ate it by itself, allowing the sugar pea things as the veggie for that meal.   

I did find myself snacking on about 10 Doritos and I ate 3 Happy Cola gummies.   As the night went on I really did want to put that bag of Doritos over my head like a feed bag but now I am SOOOO glad that I resisted because the results were totally worth it.  I am OVER half way to my first mini goal of 10 pounds and I am only on day 3!  I can totally do this, right???? 

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