Wednesday, January 23, 2013


weight: 220.2

total lost this round: 9
total lost over all: 51

 I want to use several bad words here.  It is like I have some kind of freaking mental block at this weight.  I sabotage myself EVERY freaking time I get to this range.  I did it to myself, I know what I did I just couldn't stop myself from eating.  I was making won tons for my daughter's birthday party this weekend and I just kept eating them.  

I did just realize this morning I have my yearly physical coming up in a few weeks which I hope will give me the motivation to stay on track now.  I REALLY want to walk in there under 200 (or as close to it as possible!)  So bug me, stay on me, tell me to Stay Calm and Don't Eat when my kids are making me nuts because that is my other problem.  I am self medicating with food when they drive me nuts (which has been a lot lately!) 

Thanks, and thanks for reading!!!

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