Thursday, January 24, 2013


weight: 219.1

total lost this round: 10.1
total lost over all: 52.1

 I did so much better yesterday. I fought my urge to eat rather than give into it, which has been my problem lately.  I isn't that I have been hungry I have just WANTED to eat but I fought that last night AND then low and behold my 'friend' showed up this morning which really does explain a lot from the last couple of days. 

So yesterday I had shrimp and cabbage for lunch and a little lean beef for dinner with an apple for a snack.  

This weekend is my daughter's birthday and I know I will be tempted but luckily now I know at least some people really read this and will probably call me out when you see me nibbling on junk so I will fight the urge!   

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