Sunday, September 11, 2011

Arty Hugh my own worst enemy or why I hate weekends!

Seriously I eat so well during the week and work out and watch the pounds fall off the comes the weekend and bam we get busy and eating right becomes difficult or I get bored and do nothing but eat and to make matters worse Curves isn't open on the weekends so I end up not working out. I totally know it is all my own fault, like with working out there isn't anything keeping me from either doing exercise with the Wii or going walking and food well come on that is just will power.....

Needless to say I am up a couple of pounds. I a DETERMINED to do better today and hopefully the sale will reflect that. I keep getting soooo close to the 10 pound mark and then just screw myself up. Arrrrggghhhhhh

Friday, September 9, 2011


woot, down 2 lbs this morning for a grand total since starting of 9.7.  I really hate I let myself gain almost three pounds over the Labor day weekend or I would be down more like 14 by now!  No sense crying over split milk though, wont get those pounds back so I am going to be happy that I have hit the next zero on the scale, by tomorrow I should(WILL) be below and working on the next 10 pounds to whittle away until I get to my ultimate goal.  According to the Wii I should be aiming at an ultimate goal of 145.1.  I can't even imagine that.  Not that I think it is such an unattainable goal but the last time I got below like one 170 I started looking SICK.  So for now my long term goal is just to get under 200....199 here I come!!! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

catching up....

so it seems I can diet or I can blog, I choose diet!  SO I am going to update maybe weekly on this blog unless I have significant information to share.  As of today I am trying to do the 17day diet but had a bad weekend with Labor day and all.  So I am considering tomorrow (well today it is after midnight) Cycle 1 day 1 and rebooting myself.  
Also I have been going to Curves for work outs.  I had a free week that they offer on their website (, check it out!) and then I have a Groupon for a month membership.  I figure by then the weather will have cooled off enough that I will be able to get back to walking.  I swear, the more I hear of friends who run the more I want to run.  I think I am making a short term goal of running a 5 k by the end of the year.  I guess I have to find one to run first!!! Ok so realistically I probably will be walking the first one but eventually I WILL run one!!!!!!  

Oh so as of last Friday I was down 8 pounds, I know I gained over the weekend but I am trying to reel myself back in so I can get back to losing.