Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well I am having serious 'technical difficulties'.  I have two means of weighing in my house and neither of them seems to be accurate.  They both agree I am losing so I am going to go with that but I just have now clue what I actually weigh and therefore not sure how much I am actually losing.   

I have a doctor's appointment today so I can kind of compare their scale to mine and figure which one is closer to right and I am also going to pick up a 9volt battery for the one I want to be right (because it is much more convenient to use)

So all that to say I am down anywhere from 6-16 pounds since yesterday, depending on which scale you look at, and neither of those totals seem within the realm of possibility!  

HOPEFULLY, tomorrow I will have a better idea of an actual weight.  

In the mean time, I ate a little more yesterday.   Around 5pm I wasn't really so much 'starving' or anything but I had the WORST headache. It is trying to start up again.  I think it is related to the 100% reduction in carbs and caffeine. 

I made some really good shrimp for dinner.  I ground up the little cracker/toast that is  allowed, dipped the shrimp in one egg lightly scrambled and then sprinkled the crumbs over as a coating.  It gave the shrimp just a little crunch and was perfect.  I also put cauliflower in the food processor and steamed in the microwave for 'rice'.  It was not only a tasty meal but also very filling. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


starting weight:272
todays weight: 267.0
total lost this round: 5
total lost over all: 5

I have to say that weight for today is really kind of an estimate.  I can't get my scale to give me the same weight twice.  It is now trying to say I am like 254 which would mean like 16 pounds since yesterday which is totally impossible so I am going with the first weight I saw which turns out is the most realistic of all the numbers I got.  It really sucks because this is a brand new scale and I put new batteries in it this morning when it started acting up!  I have an actual doctor's appointment tomorrow so I am going to see what their scale says and us it to figure mine out. 

Anyway, yesterday was kind of tough.  I am not sure if I was really hungry or just mentally hungry but there were times I would totally eat your arm had someone come close enough.  I am giving it a few days to really get working but if this hunger doesn't go away I am going to have to adjust my dose a little.  

I had a protein shake for breakfast, an apple for a snack.  Lunch was 3oz of shrimp stir fried with bokchoy and a zero everything salad dressing.  I did have a square of melba toast with it just for some 'crunch' in my day.   Then dinner was 3oz of chicken with miracle noodles in tomato sauce.   

I did go to be pretty hungry and I am now that I am waking up I am getting pretty hungry so I might have some eggs this morning and save the shake for a little later.  I know I missed one of my fruits yesterday but I was figuring the shake took the place of the second fruit.  

Ok off to face day 2.....wish me luck  (of for the record, the little touch of hunger-TOTALLY worth it to see those pounds come off!!)  

Monday, April 20, 2015


starting weight:272
todays weight: 270.6
Down: +1.4
total lost this round: 1.4
total lost over all: 1.4

Not a bad loading phase, I am ready to go.  I woke up and not hungry at all this morning so I should be good to go for several hours. I need to check that there are still apples for a snack later. I think I am going to have shrimp and miracle noodles for lunch.  I saw an amazing recipe for asparagus shrimp soup that I want to try later.  I need to look at the list of recipes I found again to plan out the rest of my meals.  Ok, off to do today's shot and drink some water.  I am very parched.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015


starting weight:272
todays weight: 269.2
Down: -2.8
total lost this round: 2.8
total lost over all: 2.8

It is actually not a good thing I am down so much on day one.  I am actually supposed to be loading up on good high fat foods but I just couldn't make myself eat yesterday.  I might have to do 3 loading days to make sure I get a good foundation.  I am a little hungrier today so trying to get more food in.  I do like seeing the scale go down though!

edited to add I am much more hungry today so I am getting better about the loading.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

again....I am back.

Funny I kind of dropped of the face of the planet almost TWO years ago exactly.  I was still trying to lose weight but I lost sight of blogging about it.  Go figure, I gained back EVERY thing I ever lost and then some.  I am now back up to almost 270lbs  and that is totally UNACCEPTABLE.  

I don't care if anyone ever reads this, this is for me.  So I can be accountable to myself.  

I am starting HCG again.  That seems to be the only thing that ever worked for me so I don't know why I walked away from it.  Actually I got cocky the last time I tried it and thought I could cheat which lead to a total waste of time.  NOT THIS TIME!  

So here goes.  Tomorrow I will start round one phase one day one (R1P1D1) I will have 2 days of loading and I am going to try to stick to high fat low carb, low sugar foods. Goals, I should put my goals here.  I am going to try to be optimistic while being realistic.  I have 4 rounds of HCG at my house ready to go.  My hopes with round one will be to just lose 20 to 30 pounds.  The guidelines of HCG say to expect .5 lbs a day, however the larger you are the more you tend to lose so I think this is a realistic goal.  

Wish me luck, I will be back soon to update more, including my actual weight/measurments and post my 'before pictures'.