Thursday, February 28, 2013


weight: 225.3
total lost this round:5.1
total lost over all: 5.1
 goal this round 66 lbs

So yesterday was going soooo well.  We were busy but I had time to have some small steak medallions sauteed and sliced into a salad for lunch.  I had two apples during the day for snacks and then while at gymnastics with my daughter I snacked on some sugar peas that she loves.  I am still not sure they are 100% allowed but I figured it was better by far than buying chips so thought it was ok (and it obviously was...)  When we got home from gymnastics I sauteed up a piece of chicken breast and just ate it by itself, allowing the sugar pea things as the veggie for that meal.   

I did find myself snacking on about 10 Doritos and I ate 3 Happy Cola gummies.   As the night went on I really did want to put that bag of Doritos over my head like a feed bag but now I am SOOOO glad that I resisted because the results were totally worth it.  I am OVER half way to my first mini goal of 10 pounds and I am only on day 3!  I can totally do this, right???? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


weight: 228.2

total lost this round:2.2
total lost over all: 2.2

 goal this round 66 lbs

woo hoo it is so nice to see almost 2 lbs gone in one day.  I almost feel bad though.  I did AMAZINGLY well all day yesterday even dealing with a large amount of stress but then right at the kids bedtime I caved and had a couple of handfuls of peanut m&m's.  I mean on one hand I am happy because it obviously didn't cause me too much trouble but it makes me wonder how much I would be down if I hadn't caved and eaten them.  

Well it's too late to worry about it now but I just have to avoid that going forward.  As for my food yesterday, I was running all day.  For lunch I had some precooked steak intended to be put on a salad but since I was still running like crazy I just ate the meat.  I had an apple between meals and after dinner.  For dinner I had stir fried shrimp and bok choy. 

Now off to start today.   

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


weight: 229.9

total lost this round:.9
total lost over all: .9

 goal this round 66 lbs

Ok, I did pretty well yesterday.  Got all my drops in and loaded away.  Today we hit the ground running with the very low calorie diet part of this diet.  I am also going to start taking my African mango.  So far I do feel like I have had less appetite.  My biggest challenge will be not eating just because I want to eat.  Wish me luck. 

Monday, February 25, 2013


weight: 230.8

total lost this round:
total lost over all: 

 goal this round 66 lbs

Oh I am not a fan of loading.  It doesn't help that I am working on painting my new house so we can move soon and I spent all day at the new house which means I did not have my drops with me, which probably doesn't help with things.  So far I have to say I prefer the injections just because I do it first thing in the morning and I am done. On the other hand, I only took the drops first thing in the morning but I have to say I wasn't really hungry most of the day.  

So hopefully today I can start getting in the habit of taking them on time and eating the way I should.  I guess I will have to carry the bottle with me where ever I go, which makes me a little nervous because it is a glass bottle.  I think I have enough fat stores that when I go to VLCD tomorrow I shouldn't have much trouble.  I just have to load smartly today.   

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My last first day (I hope) R1P1D1

weight: 230.4

total lost this round:
total lost over all: 

 goal this round 66 lbs

I have to mention I am sick at myself, I actually let myself go really bad since I stopped my last round and have my biggest bounce back weight ever (up over 10 lbs!) Put I kind of knew I was doing it and I will not kick myself for it!)

 I am doing things a little different this round.  I switched from injections to drops.  That being said I decided to reset all of my counters and make it a totally fresh start.  So today I am on day one phase one.  I am loading today and tomorrow.  Then full on until I see my goal. I have also bought some African Mango to help with cravings, some Miracle Fruit tablets to help with sugar cravings and even some chocolate inhalers in case I just can't live with out a hint of something sweet.  I will do it this time.  

And since I know a certain someone could use a little distraction right now, I will post as close to every day as possible.  Just keep in mind we are moving so that might cause a small delay at some point. ;) 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


weight: 220.2
total lost this round: 9.4
total lost over all: 51.4

I actually had a good day yesterday. I had eggs for lunch and some crab for dinner. I had one apple for snack.

I have not been drinking enough water so that is my focus today. I ordered some African mango last night, it is supposed to help with hunger and cravings.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

pain and sickness

lord I have been in a horrible place the last few days. I have felt so awful, pains in my tummy and the like. Actually if I had a gall bladder I would say it felt like I had gall bladder problems! The only thing that helped was carbonated soda and food that was not ok to eat. The result is up two pounds. the good news is I don't feel so bad today and I have no interest in food so hopefully I can get back on track.

Friday, February 1, 2013

technical difficulties

sorry, due to technical difficulties (and a VERY upset tummy) there is no way I am weighing in today.  I see some serious praying to the porcelain god in my near future.   that is all.....