Sunday, March 3, 2013


weight: 223.5
total lost this round:6.9
total lost over all: 6.9
 goal this round 66 lbs

note to self, when you have a bad day, and takes more than one day to bounce back!  All the more motivation not to cheat.  Err....still I am down and average of more than one pound a day so far so not complaining.  I am also hitting that place where my lack of certain foods is causing thing not to run quite a routinely as I would like which I am sure is adding to my reduced numbers.  So today I am going to focus on staying on track, dinner before 7 pm (another late night yesterday thanks to us working on moving to a new house down the street) and maybe a cup of Smooth Move tea. ;)  
 For now time to get the kiddos moving to go to Sunday school before home again to paint my son's bed, their rooms are almost done.  More moving tonight.....BUT if I don't have dinner before 7 I will just have an apple and be done! 

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