Monday, March 4, 2013


weight: 221
Down: 2.5
total lost this round: 9.4
total lost over all: 9.4
goal this round 66 lbs

While I am very excited by these numbers on the surface I have to add it may not be completely accurate. We are in the process of moving and my hubby unplugged my Wii (and tangled the cords so badly it isn't worth trying to figure out how to reconnect before taking them to the new house). So this weigh in was on a different, non-digital scale. I figure the 2.5 may not be 100% but at least I have a base line for this scale and by the time the Wii is reconnected I should see a HUGE number! It will feel like I am on the biggest loser! Lol

So for lunch yesterday I had a 3 egg white/ one full egg omelet with asparagus (yum) dinner was a steak and spring mix salad. I also snacked on hamburger with tomato sauce(family had spaghetti for dinner). I had an apple for a sick during the day.

Now I am off to get back to painting, cleaning and moving!

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