Sunday, February 24, 2013

My last first day (I hope) R1P1D1

weight: 230.4

total lost this round:
total lost over all: 

 goal this round 66 lbs

I have to mention I am sick at myself, I actually let myself go really bad since I stopped my last round and have my biggest bounce back weight ever (up over 10 lbs!) Put I kind of knew I was doing it and I will not kick myself for it!)

 I am doing things a little different this round.  I switched from injections to drops.  That being said I decided to reset all of my counters and make it a totally fresh start.  So today I am on day one phase one.  I am loading today and tomorrow.  Then full on until I see my goal. I have also bought some African Mango to help with cravings, some Miracle Fruit tablets to help with sugar cravings and even some chocolate inhalers in case I just can't live with out a hint of something sweet.  I will do it this time.  

And since I know a certain someone could use a little distraction right now, I will post as close to every day as possible.  Just keep in mind we are moving so that might cause a small delay at some point. ;) 

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