Saturday, June 30, 2012


total lost: 24.1
shots to to go:16
ugh I do NOT like days like this, I know they happen though.  I made it all week long being in charge of making snacks for 120 kids at Vacation Bible School only to have my aunt and uncle visiting and making potato balls to mess me up!  Then on Friday I just seem to have a horrible time.  I also still feel so stopped up.  Do not like this feeling!  I got the smooth move tea I have been told about and tried that last night.  I had some relief this morning but still feel icky.  I am going to have to stay on track today or I will never reach my goal for this round.  If I can't keep pounds off while I am still taking the HCG how am I ever going to survive phase three before I start round 2 phase 2??????

OH just to keep things straight, my understanding of the abbreviations is that Round 1(or future 2,3, infinity) is the number of times you have started the HCG, Phase 1 is the fat loading days, phase two is the actual VLCD(very low calorie days) and  Diet Phase 3 is the 3-week period after the completion of Phase 2. This is the phase that reset your hypothalamus and locks in the weight loss achieved during phase 2. It is very important not to add any sugar, starch, fast foods, or heavily processed foods including fruits that are high in sugar to this part of diet. There is a phase 4 which is basically maintenance but since I will not get to that until at least February 2013, I am not too concerned with it right now. 

Friday, June 29, 2012


total lost: 25.6

I am soooo happy to say I am down .7.  I had a HORRIBLE day yesterday.  I was sitting around watching tv with my 2 yr old and he just kept handing me potato chips.  I just mindlessly kept eating them!  Then I had dinner with my parents because my aunt and uncle are visiting, they had sauerbrauten and potato balls.  I didn't eat much meat and NO dessert but I ate so many potato balls it was ridiculous!(I can't help it, I just love them!) 

So now today, it is back on track.  I am grateful I didn't gain anything from yesterday but I really want to lose 5 more lbs for sure, and God willing on the outside I would love to see 10 or 15 more but at least 5 will make me feel best about this round.   


total lost:24.9

Ahh sooo frustrating, I am HAPPY to be down but this .09 stuff is for the birds!  Down is down though so I will take it.  Lunch was a grilled chicken salad and dinner was a lean(ish) rib and asparagus.  I had an apple in the morning and some strawberries after dinner.  I have heard the strawberries could actually be trouble, so berries!  

My first round is quickly coming to an end and I really want to hit 30lbs off before that happens!  (taking into account I didn't get shots during my time of the month I have 17 days to go, that doesn't seem possible to have that much time left but counting only the days I have gotten shots that gives me 40 shots) 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


total lost:24.1

My weight loss ticker from lilyslim seems confused and still has me at day 24, not sure what that is about but I am happy with my overall loss so far.  I have leveled off to more like 1 lb a day but even going like this I am on target for 40lbs for this round.  Let's face it even if I only hit 30 that is a 30 lb loss when before I started this even with weight watchers I couldn't seem to lose one pound! 

breakfast yesterday was coffee, lunch was a grilled chicken salad from a Mexican restaurant(I threw away over half of the meat because this salad was insanely large!) and dinner was shrimp sauteed and served over a bed of bibb lettuce.  Simple and sweet.  I didn't include any fruit.  I am going to try to at least get my apple in today and see if that makes my number get a little higher for tomorrow.  

I will be doing measurements on July 1st 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


total lost:23

I think I might be starting to build up an immunity as I am nearing the end of my first round.  I might have eaten two or three noodles from my daughters lunch and now that I think of it my lunch might not have been great.  my dinner was a tiny piece of roast on romaine lettuce. 

i went skating with my daughter last night and really thought I would be lower today, however the scale is still going down so no complaints!  I am going to stick to the diet implicitly today.  I miss seeing those big numbers on the scale.  I really need to hit the grocery store and get more veggies though. 

Oh I agreed to meet some friends for lunch at a Mexican place today, should be interesting. I am considering cancelling but I don't know, I am sure they would have a fajita or fajita salad that should be ok, right???

Monday, June 25, 2012


I know I said yesterday was Day 24 but according to my calendar today is so some where my count on my blog messed up, I am going to keep this up with what I see written out.

down: 0 (ETA *after a nice trip to the potty I am actually down .2 )

I am SOOO ok with that!  This is why, my daughter had a friend spend over yesterday and they wanted to make cake in the easy bake oven.  Cake batter is like kryptonite to me and I ate SOOO much of it.  I was really worried I would be up like 5 pounds today.  

I am really glad this weekend is  over.  I still have at least 9 lbs to meet my goal this round.  I really want to make it to 45 lbs but that isn't looking so good right now.  I will be happy with 30.  Just going to have to work much harder next round to stay on track of losing my full goal by January, still totally doable as long as I don't let my vacation in December (DisneyWorld) throw me too far off track!  

I should mention I am feeling a little stopped up again.  This seems to be a recurring issue.  It was suggested I try something called smooth move tea.  I am for sure going to try to find some of that because I am tired of feeling so uncomfortable.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


total lost:21.9

I have to say I am just happy to be down today.  I got left home by myself with the kids last night while my hubby went to spend some time with his father.  To say I lost all willpower is putting it lightly!  I ended up 'tasting' the kids homemade pizza and then even got seduced by cup of soup of all things!  I also had a few cashews.   As for actual food, I had a 1egg/3 egg white omelet with onions and tomatoes for lunch and crab for dinner.  

I am VERY bored with the food at this point but I am determined to get through and stick with this.  Today is a new day and I am hopping back up on the saddle.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have better things to report.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012


down: .7
total lost: 21.6

I am a little frustrated.  Followed the VLCD to the T yesterday and I only lost .7.  I am not sure what happened.  
Lunch was a grilled chicken salad (just chicken and lettuce) and dinner was sauteed shrimp and asparagus.  I had one apple and two strawberries during the course of the day.  I did have one piece of melba toast.
Today I will avoid the strawberries and melba toast. 
I really want to lost at least another 10 pounds before I finish this round! Today I will focus on getting more water in.  

Also, my hubby and I keep discussing how long I should come off the shots between rounds.  The original protocol says 42 days of shots with six weeks off before continuing.  Many people being followed by doctors say they are off for two weeks.  I am thinking maybe split the difference and take a three week break.

Thursday, June 21, 2012



not sure what happened except I am running out of food, I need to go shopping but my little boy has a fever out of nowhere.  I had fish with asparagus for lunch and chicken with asparagus for lunch.  Also someone on a support group told me how to make chocolate from coconut oil, cocoa and stevia.  It is supposed to be safe but I don't think it is for me.  I am thinking about doing an apple day today but you aren't supposed to do that until you have two bad days in a row.  I guess I will just try to get back on track and see what happens, if I don't drop back down by tomorrow I will do an apple day tomorrow.   

I did do my approx 2 mile walk yesterday. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


total lost:21.9

I am officially the lowest I have been since starting, all the 'time of the month' yo yoing seems to have finally balanced out!  
Yesterday, I had a grilled chicken salad for lunch and crablegs for dinner(can't beat a diet that lets you enjoy crab legs!).  
 Drank a ton of black coffee and unsweetened tea(both iced and hot) 
I also took about a 2 mile walk, I wasn't trying to win any races just wanted to get my son to take a nap (which he did).

 I am going to try to fit these walks in at least 3 days a week from now on.  

I still have 23 days left on this round, OHHH I hope this speed of loss continues.  When I hit forty two days I will take two weeks off from the shots and then do another 42 day round on the shots, at that point I will take a month off. At that time I will evaluate where I stand.  If I stay on the track I am on now I will have lost at least 40 lbs this time, that will leave me 54 or so to go.  I will probably want to do at least one more round of shots after that but possibly two depending on how things go during my vacation in December.....for now I am very happy with how things are going!


total lost: 19.2

I did nothing different yesterday that I can think of stuck to protocol didn't cheat but did have beef for the first time in awhile instead of chicken or seafood.  My period is still happening and it is really heavy so I feel that may be why there is no loss showing.  Hopefully it will all even out in the end.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

waxing poetic....

I looked in the mirror tonight and there she was, the skinny girl looking back at me.  I know I am no where near ready to meet her but there is was looking at day, one day!


I have to take my daughter to camp this morning so this will be short and sweet....

weight: 252
 total lost: 19.2

stuck completely to protocol except I ate a couple of slices of deli roast beef, lunch chicken and romaine lettuce, dinner chicken and sauteed garlic.  

gotta run! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012



total down so far: 17

My period actually started yesterday, I don't know how long it will take to level out but I hope it happens soon.  We went to the beach, the rest of the family snacked on twizzlers and pringles but I stayed strong.  Actually I did make my day kind of screwy, I was going to try to do an apple day but it turns out on the beach in the heat is NOT the time to do that.  So I had two apples for my fruit and I had them both at relatively similar times but it was two hours apart.  Then I had a grilled chicken salad for lunch and shrimp and asparagus for dinner.  

We ended up getting house guests at midnight which is going to kill me today because we were up until 2am talking.  (my step son's came by because their mother, who they were SUPPOSED to stay with had to worry more about herself than where her boys would sleep and told them sorry I am out of here heading to my honeymoon.) But I digress, anyway, today would be a no shot day anyway but since my 'time' has started I will be taking a break until my 'time' is up.   

Off to have some coffee, I fear I will drinking a lot of that today, I NEVER in a hundred years would have imagined I would be drinking BLACK coffee!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

stupid period

weight: 254.6
 UP 4.4

I knew the 5lbs yesterday were too good to be true.  I am still down from before the huge drop though and I feel I know what happened, my period.  I start today.  The literature I have read said to expect this but that it would level back out by the end of the "visit"....

we will see, I did also cave to soup in a cup noodles (of all things) last night and had a few noodles.  I am giving myself that as period weakness and getting back on track today.

The lit does also say to halt shots during the time of month, so since it hasn't completely started yet I will take today and break until it ends....this should be INTERESTING!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I feel like I am on the biggest loser only without al, the drama!

Weight 250.2
Down 5.1 (yes that's is right 5.1!)

Total down: 20 woo hoo

I am so excited. I still have about 25 days to go on this round, I don't need to lose 5 lbs every day but as long as I continue to lose at least 1 lb I am excited.

My menu was boring yesterday. I had shrimp salad for lunch, sautéed onions with chicken for dinner an apple for snack and I cheated a little and had a few slices of bacon for breakfast.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


weight 255.3
down 1.3
total down to date 15.9

I am still feeling a little stopped up, I am going to down tons of coffee today.  Other than that I did pretty good yesterday.  I had shrimp salad for lunch and chicken and asparagus for dinner.  We had my inlaws all over to celebrate with the newlyweds and I stuck to my menu rather than eat the hamburgers, chips and cupcakes.  I wasn't even really tempted by the cupcakes which is a big bonus in my eyes.  My little boy has a birthday in July I am saving my cake eating for his party! I think it will be outside of the time I am supposed to avoid sugar anyway so I don't even think it will be cheating by then!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


weight 256.6
down 0

I am a little disappointed but then there could be several reasons...I don't think I cheated but I did color my hair, I know this plan says not to even really use shampoo so this might be the reason.  It also might be almost my time of the month.  It isn't quite as regular as I would like.  I am also feeling a little (how can I put it delicately) stopped up... I might have to try to get things moving.  

The protocol says an occasional plateau but that things will even out in the end so I hope that is what is going on.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


weight 256.6
down 2.0 

I had a good day yesterday.  I had coffee for breakfast, then I bought a pack of lump crab meat and had a salad with bib lettuce for lunch.  Dinner was shrimp and asparagus with garlic and cinnamon.  

I did have about 9 triscuit thins as well as an apple and an orange.  

I am excited because I picked up some stevia when I was out at the store which means I can not weight to have my coffee this morning....BYE!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Such a busy weekend!  My stepson got married and we went out of town for the wedding.  I was sooo worried this would be my down fall.  I could not weigh all weekend.  I stuck to protocol as best as possible on Friday when we were driving up.  We ate with the future in laws but fortunately we ate at their place and had hamburgers and salad, not exactly protocol but I could make it work.  Then Sat morning the day of the wedding we went to a diner and I actually got them to make an omelet with 3 egg whites and one full egg! Score right, still right on track....and that is where I blew it.  The food at the wedding wasn't horrible, at least nothing was fried! I tried not to go crazy but I was still worried THEN they insisted we stay for steak dinner.....Well it was a special occasion and wont happen again (we hope) so I wont beat myself up about it.  
Sunday I got back on track and didn't eat ANYTHING off protocol.  So I got up today just hoping to not be up today....I am excited to say I am DOWN even after all I ate Saturday.  (I could beat myself up thinking HOW down would I be if I hadn't messed up Saturday but that doesn't do anyone any good!) 

I am down 1.3 to 258.6~  I am not going to try to actually list every thing I ate it will be impossible.  

Here's hoping to even bigger losses tomorrow!!

Friday, June 8, 2012


lbs lost:1.5

breakfast: 1/2 cup black coffee
 snack: 1 apple (peeled)
lunch: 100g shrimp sauteed in 1 tsp coconut oil smothered in garlic over 1 cup romaine lettuce 
dinner: 100g grilled chicken with grilled onions 
snack:1 masa toast

I did slip and sneak a handful of steak.  I have to work on will power as it isn't fair to expect my family to stop eating things just because I am not supposed to but yet when they are things I love I have problems walking away.  Hey 10 lbs in a little over a week....I will take it!

My stepson is getting married tomorrow and I have to go out of town for the wedding.  I have some challenges ahead but I am going to try my best to get through it. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


weight 261.5
down .9

I had a kind of bad day yesterday.  I ate 1 wasa toast and black coffee for breakfast, grilled chicken and romaine lettuce with 4 strawberries for lunch but it went down hill from there.  I bough some granola to pick up with my CSA veggie box and it was really hard to resist so I had a few small samplings of that. I also snuck 1 gummy bear.  Dinner was shrimp and asparagus but in between I snacked on 1 celery stalk and a couple radishes.  
I really want to hit 10 lbs today so I will be much better about following the plan.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time to start up this blog again....

So, I have been purposely quiet on the subject of weight loss but it is time to come out of hiding and update the world on what I have been up to.  

So recently this new HCG thing has been all the rage.  Doctors are doing it, they are starting programs and charging an arm an a leg.  Well after getting several personal recommendations I decided to look into it.  I did the research and found the information from the Doctors who came up with the plan.  You can also read it  It is a very low calorie diet for the time you are using the protocol but from what people told me as well as what the information states, when you start burning your stored fat you don't even realize you aren't eating much.  Some people say they have trouble even getting in the small amount required in!

So I ordered the HCG and assorted accoutrements (mixing kit and what nots) and patiently waited.  I finally got everything and began on May 30.  My starting weight was (gasp) 269.8.  I fat loaded as suggested and actually got up to 271.5.  (Gosh it takes everything in me to actually put those numbers out there for the world and the internets to see but I am coming clean!) For the intent of this blog though we are going to focus on the starting weight not the fat loading weight.  
So Starting weight 3/30 was 269.8.  Today is exactly one week later and I am currently at 262.4.  I have been VERY good about the 500 calories however I don't live in a vacuum and sometimes it isn't possible to stick to exactly the foods listed in the manuscript.  On Monday we had an end of the year banquet for my daughter's scout troop.  It wasn't like there was grilled chicken and asparagus on the menu so I had the meat off of a roast beef sandwich and a few celery sticks and some broccoli.  The there was last night when I made a chuck steak in gravy for the family, which is one of my favs if I must say and I couldn't resist so along with my 100 g piece of grilled chicken on a bed of green lettuce with a few red radishes I also snuck a few pieces of the roast.....and this morning I was still down a full 2 pounds!  In fact I have hit AT LEAST two pounds every day.
Now I am realistic, I don't expect to keep up at this rate but I finally find myself HAPPY to face the scale and I haven't felt that way in a LONNNG time.  So I am going to try to post in this blog daily to show what I actually ate and my daily weigh in.  I will be on this first cycle until I believe July 13.  I really hope to knock off the 40 lbs they say I can expect. I will be repeating this 6 weeks after that if I make it through until the 13th. (really it is 40 days, that is like Lent, right??)  It will be hard, I don't have the most will power and I often have a love hate relationship with food.  I know I don't always eat just for hunger which is my fatal flaw! That is why I am keeping this blog.  I need the accountability.

For anyone who is reading this because they are curious about the plan (as I was and couldn't find many personal accounts on here) I will say, I haven't yet felt that so full feeling I couldn't choke down the low calories required.  I feel the most hungry first thing in the morning but it does go away and I am not in the least bit suffering.  My step son is getting married this weekend so THAT will be a challenge but if I could treat my little ones to a bag of gummi bears yesterday and NOT EAT A ONE....I CAN do this!