Friday, March 1, 2013


weight: 223.1
total lost this round:7.3
total lost over all: 7.3
 goal this round 66 lbs

Why oh why did I resist the drops for so long?  They cost me less and seem to be working so much better.  Now in fairness I am certain my head is in a much better place this round and I have so much more will power so that is something but still.   I mean like last night, I was sitting up watching tv and my head was saying, go in the kitchen EAT but I kept my hands busy and kept my lazy butt on the couch and resisted.  That wasn't hunger that was WANT. I am very happy that I seem to know the difference.  At this rate, I will hit my first 10 pound goal in the next 2 days!  I do know however weekends are usually my downfall so we have to see how this pans out. 

I can't really say what I ate yesterday, I was running errands all day and basically ate on the run and really don't remember but I do know I stayed mostly with in protocol.  I ate a few Doritos but otherwise I was good.  Seeing my daily results is definitely giving me motivation to stay on track.   

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