Wednesday, January 16, 2013


weight: 219.6
Down: 2.0

total lost this round: 9.7
total lost over all: 51.6

Phew, so nice to see another 2 pound loss!  I think I am FINALLY back on track!  Yesterday I went to the grocery store to restock so I got some chicken from the salad bar to bring home and use with salad I already have here for lunch.  For dinner I made cube steaks for the family so instead of making mine in the gravy I just pan fried one with onions and some P2 safe steak seasoning.  I also had an apple and an orange during the day for snacks.  

Also in regards to full transparency I have to admit I also snuck 2 cookies and about 5 taco flavored Doritos and yes still lost 2 pounds (just have to wonder how many I would have lost if I had NOT cheated....)  

Today I have a handful of chicken breast cuts ready to grill up so I can have them ready at hand for the trip to gymnastics.  I am also going to prep a small dinner for little Waffle in hopes that she manages to make it the whole way through her practice without tears (wish us luck).  

Now, time for some COFFEEEEEEEEEEEE>>>>>>  

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