Wednesday, October 31, 2012


weight: 214.5

total lost this round:8.3
total lost over all: 56.7
shots to to go: 16

OMG all I can say is I am sooo amazed at how well this round is going!  I seriously am giving a lot of it to the fact that I dropped the birth control pills I had started taking last round but also I was reading Woman's World Weekly in the check out line last week and the cover 'diet' of the week was some new 'coffee' diet.  I didn't really get down and read the whole thing but the basics I got of it were drink more coffee and it will up your metabolism so you lose more weight.  I didn't have a sudden OMG moment and suddenly up my coffee but I did realize since it had gotten colder I have actually stopped drinking as much water as I should and replaced it with coffee.  Pounds are falling off so maybe they are on to something???  

Anyway, I have only 14.6 pounds to go to make my goal.  I am now a little optimistic I might actually even get a little beyond my goal cause it isn't like I am going to stop just because I hit 199!  

Ok so to what I ate yesterday, lunch was shrimp with bok choy and a little citrus ginger dressing.  For dinner I made beef stew ole for the family.  It was this interesting crock pot recipe I found in a Fix it and forget it cook book which combined beef stew with taco seasoning.  The entire family LOVED it and went back for seconds (and thirds!)  I realized I could actually eat it since there were no bad ingredients as long as I stuck to just the meat and onions, so that was dinner.  I also had two apples during the day for snacks and LOT'S of coffee.  

Today will be interesting, it is of course Halloween.  I am not super tempted by the candy but we will be rushing to get out of the house tonight to take the kiddos trick or treating so I will be rushing dinner.  Wish me luck! lol 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


weight: 216.5

total lost this round:6.3
total lost over all: 54.7
shots to to go: 17

Yesterday was such a challenge.  A self inflicted challenge, but a challenge none the less. With Sandy blowing through, even though we didn't get hit temps did bottom out and my family was in need of comfort food so I made my 'famous' chicken and pastry.  Even if I must say it myself my chicken and pastry ROCKS!  However I did totally resist.  I ate a small bit of the chicken but avoided the pastry and sauce as much as possible. It was worth the 'sacrifice' since I am down 2 pounds today!!   

So for what I did eat, I had left over steak for lunch with some more onions and for dinner I basically ate a little of the chicken from the pastry but I am not sure what I had for veggie with that chicken.  I did snack on two apples through the day and some celery.  

Tonight I will be making beef stew for dinner. (Tomorrow might be tough too since it is Halloween but not as hard as the food challenges.) So I will be working hard to avoid the meal again.  Here's hoping tomorrow has just as wonderful results.  I have 16.6 pounds to go... LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012


weight: 218.5

total lost this round:4.3
total lost over all: 52.7
shots to to go: 15

Yesterday was a better day although I totally tried to sabotage myself!  Made rice krispies treats.  However this is a lifestyle change so I will have temptations along the way, it is all in how you deal!  

Lunch was a 3/1 egg omelet with tomatoes and onions and dinner was actually steak with grilled onions.  

I can do this just a little over 18 pounds to go....(this round we will talk about future plans in January!!) 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


weight: 219.8

total lost this round:3
total lost over all: 51.3
shots to to go: 16 

 Officially it is 16 to go but I have a few days to play with vacation coming up so I am going to keep going for as long as my HCG holds out or until I risk running phase 3 into our trip, or until I hit my goal.  

I did SO well Thursday and Friday, I was actually down to 218.7, but then last night we went to a Halloween gathering and I caved.  I am honestly mad at myself.  I had said I would allow myself a little variance, the host had tons of healthy veggies that weren't actually on the diet but still at least veggies.   If I had stopped there it would have been ok but no I had to eat the creme cheese dips, sandwich meat and a cup cake.  UGH   OH and not to mention A SMORE! 

I will not beat myself up about it though, I am after all only human, and today is another day.  Back on track and fortunately there will be no social interactions that can give me trouble until I hit very close to the end of phase 3, Thanksgiving.  At least that is phase 3 and I will only have to resist dessert and bread/ starches.  I can handle meat, veggies and fruits!  I will HIT 199 dang it!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


weight: 219.4

total lost this round:3.7
total lost over all: 51.8
shots to to go: 18

Lunch yesterday was crab legs and salad.  Dinner was marinated chicken breast and asparagus.  I was very proud of myself because I made homemade pizza for the kids for dinner, which is the only kind of pizza I actually like, and I resisted every temptation.  I stuck totally to protocol so I am a little disappointed that I don't have a bigger lost, I know everyday can't be huge but just I suffered a lot last night so I was just optimistic, you know??  Anyway, I will take .9.  I also think crab legs might not be as safe as they say they are so I am going to avoid them for the rest of this round.  Off to do my grocery shopping.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


weight: 220.2

total lost this round:2.8
total lost over all: 51
shots to to go: 19

Yesterday I had some black coffee for breakfast.  I drank tons of water.  Lunch was a grilled chicken salad with no dressing with an apple.  Dinner was an omelet (3 egg whites and one whole egg) with tomato and asparagus.  I had an apple as a snack.  

Over all it is getting easier again.  I don't sit around starving but I am finding psychologically I am missing the food.  I have been in a very bad mood and I KNOW it is because I don't have my go to drug to comfort me (food).  This too will pass.  

My only complaint today is how is it I can weigh at night and be down 1.8 pounds, go to bed and wake up only .09 down??  I know I should just not weight at night but it helps keep me from cheating during that lazy time of television viewing in the evening. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


weight: 221.1

total lost this round: 20.9
total lost over all: 51.1
shots to to go: 20

Hi welcome back for round three!  So far all is going well, I have managed to get through the first 2 days with absolutely no cheating!  I am determined to stay the course this time with NO cheating.  Might be hard with kids driving me nuts but I am DETERMINED to hit 199 this round!  We have 45 days until Disney I have to do this!!!!! 

I should note today is my hard day of the week, we are out of the house most of the day and I have nothing to take with me so I will have to eat out.  I also need to pick up some more shrimp and veggies to I am not trying to only eat chicken as it is important to vary the food choices.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am back!

Sorry I was gone for a bit, there isn't much to say when I am in round three and life got busy.  So now I am back, I am in Round 3 phase2 Day 4.  I started at 222.9 with an ultimate goal weight of 165 but for this round I am just trying to hit 199.  

I actually ended up going up to 228.2 while loading which I am going to assume means I did it right. Now I am on day 2 of my very low calorie days and I am down 3.3 pounds!  I am happy to see such a big number because I stuck 100% to protocol and I was HUNGRY last night.  The first couple of days while your body adjust do tend to be that way.  I can handle it this time, I am only doing a short round so I only have 3 weeks to lose 24.9 more pounds.  I wanted to get one more round in before the holidays and my vacation comes up and this puts me ending the P3 just days after Thanksgiving.  I can manage that.  I will be so upset if I come 2 or 3 pounds short of breaking that 200 barrier but that close it better than NOT getting that close!

That is it for now, time to get my first glass of water of the morning and get my shot ready. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

ending measurements for round two

On June 1 my measurements were as follows:

hips: 54
Thighs: 29

On July 1 (more or less) my measurements were:

waist: 41

Approximately August 1st

waist: 40.5
hips: 48.25
thighs: 26
chest: 47.5
arm: 15

I have September 1st somewhere but I don't have time to find it right now.  October well actually 4th I am now: 

HIPS: 45 1/2
CHEST:  45
ARMS: 14



Just wanted to post a quick update.  I am on day 6 of phase three.  My weight is wiggling a little but so far I have not gone up or down more than two pounds since my last day on phase 2 so I am right on track.  I am really ready for these three weeks to pass so I can hopefully knock of the last 22 pounds I want to lose this year. 

So I will continue to up date during phase three but honestly it isn't as interesting so it wont be daily.  My only goals right now are to avoid sugar and starch and to not gain or lose more than two pounds.  I do want to try to incorporate exercise during this phase so I can continue it when I hit phase two again.  So far I am having real difficulty finding the time!  

Ok off to make breakfast for the kiddos and lunch for my son to take to school....