Monday, February 28, 2011

being accountable to myself....

so I didn't get to put my mile walk in today but I will say I did ok with food.  I had half an English muffin for breakfast (not trying to be all 'noble' just so busy feeding the kids it was all I got around to) lunch was a piece of salmon and dinner was some chicken gnocchi I made with the Philadelphia cream cheese cooking sauce stuff they recently introduced.  I didn't even eat much of that but it really filled me up. Oh wait I also had a little salad with that, so that probably helped.  Right now my head says go snack and my belly is saying WHOOOO no way woman!  (that never happens. lol  

Monday weigh in

Not much to say this morning but wanted to post my first weigh in my official weight for today is 256.4.  So I am actually up from where I was but down for where I went, lol.  I will weigh again Friday and hopefully have something good to report!  (oh and between now and then I am going to try to take my measurements.  I have found in the past that this can sometimes be much more encouraging!)

I can say I woke up hungry today which hasn't happened in a while.  I find when I am able to stick to not eating after 7 or 8 then I tend to wake up hungry, so I will take that as I did something right.  So I am off to start my day.  So much to do, so little time.  Good morning all!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

quick update...

So I haven't posted much on this blog because I haven't had anything to post.  I am holding steady but I guess that isn't as bad as gaining, I would just rather be losing!  

So since I can see spring on the horizon, as I sit myself down to plan my week for my daughter and myself (home school and college schedule!) I will be including a 1 mile walk daily whether I can do it outside (which is my preference) or if I must I can also do it on my wii fit.  I also hope to do at least 30 minutes of working out for fun on the wii fit.  

So there's my plan!  I will update in a week and let you know how it goes!