Tuesday, April 19, 2011

De ja vu...

I was going to tile this post frustrated but then realized I have already posted with that title! I am so tired of going to bed hungry and waking up hungry and never seeing a dip on the scale! It is to the point I was researching lap band surgery. Unfortunately I don't think any one would approve me for it because I have crohn's disease. Although my crohns has been in remission since about 2006 or 2007 all the research seems to lean towards it is contraindicated for people with crohns. SOOO I guess I am on my own. The good news though my sister just moved and she chose to leave her gazelle behind and I adopted it. I now can get some exercise done inside After the kids go to bed!

Anyway, long story short I am so grossed out over the fact that I am bigger than I have ever been. I just wish I could see change. I miss being able to go to the gym but it just isn't possible right now so I am making the best of things.

Goals for this week:
Walk ( or Gazelle) 10 miles. Not really a crazy goal because I can hit 2 miles with out even much trying.
Water down at least 400 oz. Really an optimistic goal but I really should be getting at least 100 oz a day anyway.

Well that is it for now I will check back in Friday hopefully with good news!

Friday, April 1, 2011

one week later...

This past week has just flown by, can't say with what but boy have we been BUSY!  So busy I wasn't able to post my weigh in Monday, but today today I am down exactly two pounds.  Unfortunately I am still up a smidge from last week. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day, right?  

This last week I did much better drinking water and watching what I ate as well as not so much snacking after dinner.  In the week ahead I am focusing on me and trying to actually get some exercise going again.  The temps bottomed out but they should be coming back up soon so I can walk outside again AND in the mean time there was a recent groupon for a discounted month at Curves.  I have always wanted to try them out so I figured not time like now.  I was going to start today (April 1) but I decided it would be better to start on a Monday.  I want to get the most from that month!  
I am also trying to eat Paleo for this month.  I started today with a recipe I found at Paleo Perfectly for steak and bacon soup.  My hubby wasn't interested or impressed however he wont touch anything with any 'color' (ie veggies) in it.  I however LOVED it.  I am thrilled that no one else decided to eat any because now I will have a couple of more meals from it!  I am very excited about the recipes I have seen on that blog and hope to try many more in the month to come.  

I do have to add as good as I was most of the day, I ended today with a little (too much) ice cream and I did snack a little on the pop corn my hubby brought home from the movie he saw today ( who can resist movie pop corn!) 

Tomorrow I am having a girls night which will include some adult beverages.  I will have to make sure to get some fitness in this weekend to make up for it.