Saturday, September 1, 2012



total lost this round:8.3
total lost over all: 39.5
shots to to go:30

I love my kids, really I do, but having children makes his journey so much harder!  Unfortunately when you have children (and I guess a husband) they have to eat.  I have tried not to feed them but it never works, they always come back around looking to be fed. I try really hard to keep my trigger foods away from me but sometimes you have to put the children first.  However when your trigger food is a can of Pringles, I guess it wouldn't kill the child to be told no.  I have to remember that next time we are doing grocery shopping.  I can resist most chips but apparently not Pringles.  I ate Pringles yesterday.  I think the ones I ate early on would have probably been ok but then I just couldn't stop.  It is when things like this happen I KNOW I have food issues and most likely a binge eating disorder but I also have free will and will power so that said I know eating the chips could have been avoided.  I am calling yesterday a giant fail however today is a new day and I am sticking to protocol.  

I almost didn't post this, it is easy to only share my successful days but now I know some people are actually reading this it is time to share gains as well as losses.  So here you go.  Tomorrow WILL be a loss!  (wish me luck, I have to go to a birthday party today.)  I should add however I am going through a phase I dealt with on my last round where I am feeling a little constipated.  I am going to drink some Smooth Move tea and see if that helps, this might explain some of the minor increase but doesn't do anything for the lack of loss so....

So that is all, off to cook breakfast for the kiddos.  Wish me luck there too, they want bacon........

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