Thursday, September 6, 2012


weight: 228.4

total lost this round: 11.7
total lost over all: 42.8
shots to to go: 25

Yesterday was a very busy day, which was nice because it didn't give me time to worry about food.  I know a lot of my cheating is more boredom or emotional eating, very little of it is actually about hunger.   

I was away from the house from 10 to 5 so lunch was a grilled chicken salad from McDonald's.  I only ate the lettuce and the chicken.   

I finally got to the grocery store and stocked up my apples so I had an apple for a snack and then dinner was romaine lettuce with strips of steak.  

I did make turkey cutlets, stuffing and dinner rolls for the family though so I have to admit I had trouble resisting the stove top.  (damn the temptations)  

I have to stop weighing at night and again in the am.  I did the night weigh to show my why I don't need to snack and it worked last night.  I was down 2 pounds!  Oh the humanity though to wake up to not even a full pound off.  That will teach me not to snack on things like stove top though.  I really need to find meals the family will eat that I can not stand! (unfortunately, that isn't much!) 

Well off to get my shot and start another day.  Hugs to all!!!

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