Thursday, September 13, 2012


weight: 222.0
Down: 1.3

total lost this round: 17.2
total lost over all: 49.2
shots to to go: 21

Well today is my 100th post. I was really hoping to be able to say I hit my 50 down mark but I am just shy so hopefully tomorrow I will break into that club!  

I really didn't eat much yesterday.  I had a cold piece of steak for lunch, a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for dinner and 2 apples for snacks.  We are out of veggies so I kind of skipped those for the day.  I may have to do an apple day today just because I am still out of veggies and tomorrow is grocery day.  

I wanted this to be a very special post since it is 100 but honestly I am not in the mood. The dog I have had for 13 years is not doing so good so I am going to go spend time with her.  If you have a special pet, go give them an extra squeeze to make sure they know you are there fore them. 

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