Monday, September 3, 2012


weight: 229.7

Down: .7
total lost this round: 10.3
total lost over all: 41.5
shots to to go: 28

I don't have a whole lot to say today.  I had shrimp and asparagus for lunch and some rotisserie chicken with lettuce for dinner.  I also had an apple and orange for snacks.  

I was a little concerned when I first woke up today as when I first weighed I was even from yesterday but I was feeling a little...welllll having the poo issue, hehe.  When I finally went a few minutes later I weighed again and came up with these results.  I have some tea I spoke of the other day that I drink on these occasions and it is really helpful.  Smooth Move tea it is amazing for these purposes!!! I didn't actually drink any this time but I may be using it later as I kind of still feel the need.  Sorry, I know this is too much information but I to be real for anyone considering this diet.  It is a well known issue for many people.

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