Sunday, September 2, 2012


weight: 230.4

Down: 1.3
total lost this round: 9.6
total lost over all: 40.8
shots to to go: 29

So yesterday I stuck COMPLETELY to protocol!  It was a hell day.  I think I was suffering from cheating with the Pringles the day before.  Anyway, we had to go out of town for a party(2 hour drive).  I had coffee for breakfast, waiting until we were partially there and had a grilled chicken salad for lunch.  I didn't eat ANY thing at the party and trust me that was tough with the prettiest cake I have ever seen. (No offense mom, you could do it, you just haven't, I have to tell you about this cake!) I made it the entire party and all the way home at which time I scarfed down an apple while I was making myself a 3/1 omelet with asparagus in it.  I didn't snack at all on anything else the rest of the day.  

I am sticking to that protocol today and for the next 29 days.  I hope my body gets the memo and goes back to more than a pound every day!  

That said, off to have some coffee and make breakfast for my kiddos.

Oh, I usually don't so shots of Sunday but with the way my body has been acting I think I need it so I will be taking one this Sunday anyway.  

Have a great day!!!

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