Wednesday, September 19, 2012


weight: 221.1

total lost this round: 18.1
total lost over all:50.1
shots to to go: 17

Whew it was a really a rough last couple of days.  Sorry I haven't gotten here to update.  Between the problems my dog was having and my friendly 'time of the month' it has just been so tough to get anything done and I was really frustrated too so it was just not productive to blog.  Anyway, I seem to be back on tract and today I am FINALLY officially in the over 50 club!  I am still optimistic that I can hit my goal of 21 more pounds but it is going to be close.  I really am determined though and although I only have 18 shots to go that actually means about 20 days so if I stick completely to protocol it is fully doable. 

So yesterday I had bok choy and chicken for lunch and 3/1 egg scramble with tomato and onions.  I only had one apple because my son ate my other one. So today I will need to make an apple run.  I really notice a difference on the days I get my apples in. It doesn't seem to work as well with the other allowed fruits.  

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