Wednesday, September 5, 2012


weight: 229.4

total lost this round: 10.8
total lost over all: 41.9
shots to to go: 26

I don't have much to say today.  Oh a note for anyone considering trying this, it would seem to be really important to vary your injection sites.  I have always used my rear but yesterday I didn't have my shot ready when my hubby left for work so I had to do it myself and used my stomach.  It was the first time this round I haven't been dying to eat all day.  I wish I had know this sooner.  I hope it helps to get me some good numbers the rest of the way through because as it stands now at a pound a day I will be pushing it to make my goal.  

For food yesterday, I had cottage cheese for lunch and for dinner I did a 3/1 egg scramble with asparagus.   

I think some of my 'issues' might be behind me now and I HOPE to see a 2 pound loss for tomorrow!!!  For now I am off to have my first cup of water and get my shot ready.  See you tomorrow.    

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