Tuesday, September 4, 2012


weight: 230.1

Down: .4
total lost this round: 9.9
total lost over all: 41.1
shots to to go: 27

Ugh, had a fun day cooking out yesterday but it resulted in this! I actually stuck with protocol but I think my portions were too big.  I guess I should be happy I am not up further than I am. So lunch was a ground beef patty with grilled asparagus and dinner was some grilled crab legs with radishes.  I had an apple for snack.

I have also been wondering about the potency of my HCG this round along with the possibility of doing the shots in the same spot every time causing a problem.  I can't do much about the potency but I have switched injection site to my belly for now.....

Off to have some water, I think I am running behind on my water amounts.

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