Saturday, September 8, 2012


weight: 226.2
Down: 2.2

total lost this round: 12.8
total lost over all: 45
shots to to go: 24

Not much to say today, I was so tired of the plateau I seemed to have hit that I did an apple day yesterday.  That means nothing all day but up to 6 apples.  I had just found some huge apples so I ended up eating 4 throughout the day.  I would not want to do it everyday but it was no unbearable and it did produce results.  I am now down to just over 26 pounds to make my goal and I have just over 24 days to make it (I don't do the shots on Sundays.) 

So that's it, I am off to prep my shot for today and have a nice big cup of joe!!! 

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