Wednesday, September 12, 2012


weight: 223.3
Down: .2

total lost this round: 15.9
total lost over all: 47.9
shots to to go: 22

Well I was just thinking tomorrow makes my 100 blog post but it seems today is a little special too, R2P2D2 and 22 shots to go!  Would have been better if it was 2 pounds lost instead of .2 but still fits the theme! 

I am having some tummy issues, it has been hurting since yesterday so I hope that is why the loss isn't bigger.  It never fails though, when I am super close to a goal, I stall.  I have faith tomorrow I will lose the 2.1 I need to hit 50 and then just around 21 left to go this round.  

I am so determined to meet this goal I even resisted the pringles last night when my little one begged me to eat some.  I did have a little beef stirfry for lunch and dinner was the 3/1 egg scramble.  If my tummy doesn't start feeling better today may be an apple day just because food doesn't sound so good to me but I know I need to eat something.  

Well maybe for tomorrows 100th post I will actually try to post a before and after picture.  I am not really sure where my before pictures are though so I will just have to search.  Until then.....have a great day!

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