Monday, September 10, 2012


weight: 224.4
Down: 1.8

total lost this round: 14.8
total lost over all: 46.8
shots to to go: 24

Oops, sorry I didn't get to post yesterday.  First I got on the scale and was very aggravated because it was another 0 day.  Now in all fairness now that I have time to 'stew' over it,  a zero day is better than an increase day so I shouldn't be too upset.  I also was very busy yesterday so after I didn't sit down right away to post I just never had a chance and now that I am trying to think about it, I can't even remember what I ate that day before but I remember it was right on protocol because that is why I got so upset.  I got some suggestions on what to do such as possibly add more protein and reduce my dose of HCG by a tiny bit so yesterday I did just that, added a time more protein.  
 I had a 2 whole egg/2 egg white omelet with tomatoes and onions for lunch and small steak and asparagus for dinner.  I even went to a baby shower and didn't eat anything (ok that is a fib I ate about 5 strawberries!)  I did bring some of the yummy cakes home to put in my freezer for when the day comes that I can have a little taste. I also had one apple during the day.  Apparently the increased protein helped because low and behold down 1.8 today. 
As a general rule I don't do shots on Sunday so I will try the decreased dose today.  (It is nice to realize that this 'break through' of sorts came on a day I didn't even get a dose!) 

Just a note, I have found I REALLY like eating the apples because they stick with me more than anything else I eat. 

Alrighty time to face the week!  Have a good one everyone!!!

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