Friday, August 31, 2012



total lost this round:8.7
total lost over all: 39.9
shots to to go:31

Not much to say today.  Yesterday was pretty average.  I had leftover shredded chicken and asparagus for lunch and a 3/1 egg omelet with asparagus for dinner.  (3 whites to one full egg).  I snacked on grassimi bread sticks and had an apple and an orange.  

I have yet to do what I would consider a full on cheat but I have be a little sloppier this time around than I would like.  So I have made a sort of 'pledge' with some other people who are at the same stage as me to say POP (perfect on protocol)  So  I am hoping to start seeing the 2 pounds drops start back up soon. In the mean time I am just 1.4 from my self imposed mini goal.

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