Friday, September 21, 2012


weight: 221.6

total lost this round: 17.5
total lost over all:49.6
shots to to go: 14

 I am so annoyed.  I stuck completely to protocol yesterday the only thing I did differently was I went for a walk with my kids and what is my reward? I am UP almost half a pound! The day before I didn't even realize I hadn't posted yesterday but that was because I didn't gain but I also didn't lose!  I am going to do an apple day today.  

I have to say I AM still losing inches even though the pounds aren't showing, I am fitting in some jeans and shorts I couldn't a week or so ago. So I know it is still working but I am going to be so upset if I can't get closer to my goal.  Then again is if get close but fall short, that will upset me too!  I still have 14 shots which when you add in Sundays and the three days you continue on the diet after the last shot means I have potentially 19 days to continue losing which in theory means I can still possibly get very close to my goal even if I don't break it. I also have to keep in mind that even if I don't meet that goal I HAVE still lost almost 20 pounds this round.  Not exactly what I hope for but still amazing by anyone's account.  Now off to make some coffee!!!

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