Tuesday, September 11, 2012


weight: 223.5
Down: .9

total lost this round: 15.7
total lost over all: 47.7
shots to to go: 23

Ohhh sooo close to 50 total lost so far!  I am relatively comfortable saying I will hit it by the weekend (except my 'special friend' will be visiting soon.  I hope that doesn't through me off course)  

Anyway, so yesterday I had a little stir fry beef and bok choy for lunch and then grilled chicken and romaine lettuce salad for dinner.  I don't think I actually remembered to eat any fruit though and I wonder if that isn't why I didn't actually lose a little more.  Today's goal is to make sure I get my two pieces of fruit in.  Well the little guy wants to read some books so it is time for me to run. 

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