Tuesday, September 25, 2012


weight: 220.2

total lost this round: 18.8
total lost over all: 51
shots to to go: 12

Halleluiah!  Dare I say I may have broken my plateau???  This is the lowest I have hit yet.  I believe I said yesterday I at this point I just want to get below 220, that is so doable at this point but I don't want to get overly optimistic.....

Yesterday I had a piece of grilled chicken over a bed of lettuce for lunch with an apple for a snack.  For dinner I actually made chicken and pastry for my family for dinner and actually resisted (one of my favorite meals)  I did eat two pieces of the pastry primarily because I know no other way to make sure they are done!  I ate a little of the chicken before I put it in the sauce so I had dark meat instead of white but for the first time in weeks I am down over a pound at one time so I take it as a win!!!  

Here's fingers crossed to see 219 tomorrow. 

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