Thursday, November 1, 2012


weight: 213.8

total lost this round:9
total lost over all: 57.4
shots to to go: 15

Since it is November 1st it is time for some measurements. My last numbers were from the beginning of October and looked like this:

HIPS: 45 1/2
CHEST:  45
ARMS: 14

So now today we have:

HIPS: 45 1/2
THIGHS:  23 1/2
CHEST:  43
ARMS: 14 

So apparently I am currently only loosing boobs...Hubby will NOT be happy to hear that! lol 

Yesterday was a challenge and I guess it shows with  my slightly smaller results.  It was obviously Halloween, not only was the candy tempting (though I resisted) but we rushed dinner so we could get the kids out to do their begging.  Lunch was a salad with grilled chicken from McDonalds but dinner for the family was Hamburger helper.  I basically just ate some of the meat but didn't measure and ate a little once it was in the sauce.  I am down today thought and that is really what matters.  Just about 14 pounds to goal and 15 days to do it.  I CAN do this!!!  

Happy November everyone!!! 

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