Wednesday, October 31, 2012


weight: 214.5

total lost this round:8.3
total lost over all: 56.7
shots to to go: 16

OMG all I can say is I am sooo amazed at how well this round is going!  I seriously am giving a lot of it to the fact that I dropped the birth control pills I had started taking last round but also I was reading Woman's World Weekly in the check out line last week and the cover 'diet' of the week was some new 'coffee' diet.  I didn't really get down and read the whole thing but the basics I got of it were drink more coffee and it will up your metabolism so you lose more weight.  I didn't have a sudden OMG moment and suddenly up my coffee but I did realize since it had gotten colder I have actually stopped drinking as much water as I should and replaced it with coffee.  Pounds are falling off so maybe they are on to something???  

Anyway, I have only 14.6 pounds to go to make my goal.  I am now a little optimistic I might actually even get a little beyond my goal cause it isn't like I am going to stop just because I hit 199!  

Ok so to what I ate yesterday, lunch was shrimp with bok choy and a little citrus ginger dressing.  For dinner I made beef stew ole for the family.  It was this interesting crock pot recipe I found in a Fix it and forget it cook book which combined beef stew with taco seasoning.  The entire family LOVED it and went back for seconds (and thirds!)  I realized I could actually eat it since there were no bad ingredients as long as I stuck to just the meat and onions, so that was dinner.  I also had two apples during the day for snacks and LOT'S of coffee.  

Today will be interesting, it is of course Halloween.  I am not super tempted by the candy but we will be rushing to get out of the house tonight to take the kiddos trick or treating so I will be rushing dinner.  Wish me luck! lol 

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