Sunday, November 4, 2012


weight: 211.6

total lost this round:11.2
total lost over all: 59.6
shots to to go: 12 (or until this batch runs out)

Oh Happy Day, back on track!  Let's see, yesterday was tough because I restocked the chips in the house for the family and the hubby munched like a cow behind me all night!  I actually even snuck about 3 doritos and still this is my result.  

My lunch was sauteed shrimp and asparagus, snacks were two apples during the day and for dinner I bought a rotisserie chicken for the family which I took a hunk, shredded up and put on some romaine lettuce for a salad.  Throw in some HCG Perfect Portions vinaigrette dressing and I was in heaven!  I fully endorse the HCG Perfect Portions products, they have taken the worst aspect of this diet and eliminated it! (the lack of flavor).  I only wish I had heard of them sooner. 

Well today was the first day of the time change which just means I was up WAY too early, time to get some coffee brewing.  Have a great day, I know I am going to!!!

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