Monday, November 19, 2012


weight: 213.0
total lost over all: 58.3
shots to to go: 0

Dang, dang, dang!  I was doing so well with my posting everyday for the NaBlogPoMo....looks like I missed yesterday, bummer!!!  Anyway, I was up .2 yesterday but I am back down .2 today so this information all still applies!

I am very proud of myself though because I went to a birthday party and didn't nibble on ANYTHING! No cake, no oreos, no chips NOTHING!  Also I was given a ton of compliments so thanks a bunch for that!   

The next few days lead to a huge challenge, only four days until Thanksgiving.  I think I can resist most of the things I shouldn't have but I  do feel I will probably have a little stuffing.  I wish I had some sprouted grain bread I could make my own...hmmm that is a thought......

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