Saturday, November 10, 2012


weight: 209.9

total lost this round:12.4
total lost over all: 61.3
shots to to go: 4 (or until this batch runs out)

   Another day without much today.  I had a grilled chicken salad for lunch with apple for snack then for dinner I almost shut down I thought if I have to eat the SAME food one more time.....Then I thought EGGS so I did a 3/1 omelet with onions and had an apple for snack.  I did squeeze in some prosciutto wrapped cheese and snuck a few pringles so I guess I am lucky I am down.  I hope it doesn't catch up with me today. 
    I only have a few days left and exactly 10 lbs left I hope to lose.  Honestly though it is just a number, if I don't quite make it I know I will get it in the next round at the beginning of the year.  At this point I am just ready to get some more variety in my food!  Not to mention all my clothes are falling off and I have made it into my target shorts.  (a pair of shorts I bought for my HONEYMOON NINE years ago and couldn't even get in them back then, but now I can!)  I would be happy with a few more pounds coming off but if I don't make 199 I wont totally break down.  I just have to work hard on maintaining through my vacation and the holidays.  
   I want to start adding in walking, we have exactly 4 weeks until we hit Disney and my poor daughter has NO idea what is ahead of her.  All that walking with KILL her (me too!) So off to toughen her up! 

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