Friday, November 9, 2012


weight: 210.5

total lost this round:11.7
total lost over all: 60.7
shots to to go: 5 (or until this batch runs out)

So I will say it again, I KNOW down is down and down is good but when you are SOOO close to a goal is it is frustrating!  Anyway, lunch yesterday was so ribs (which may be why I am not down more) I had lean beef but I may have eaten more than I should have and ended up with no veggies.  Dinner was my famous shrimp and bok choy.  I had one apple for a snack during the day.  

That is ALL.  I did not cheat at all even making sweet and sour chicken for the family for dinner which is typically one of my favorites!  I know part of it is still the water I am retaining from it being that TOM so I am hoping that when it is over (hopefully tomorrow) I will see a significant drop.  

Fingers crossed!  Off to do the grocery shopping which includes a stop at HCG perfect portions for some more dressing.... have a great day!!! 

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