Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time to start up this blog again....

So, I have been purposely quiet on the subject of weight loss but it is time to come out of hiding and update the world on what I have been up to.  

So recently this new HCG thing has been all the rage.  Doctors are doing it, they are starting programs and charging an arm an a leg.  Well after getting several personal recommendations I decided to look into it.  I did the research and found the information from the Doctors who came up with the plan.  You can also read it  It is a very low calorie diet for the time you are using the protocol but from what people told me as well as what the information states, when you start burning your stored fat you don't even realize you aren't eating much.  Some people say they have trouble even getting in the small amount required in!

So I ordered the HCG and assorted accoutrements (mixing kit and what nots) and patiently waited.  I finally got everything and began on May 30.  My starting weight was (gasp) 269.8.  I fat loaded as suggested and actually got up to 271.5.  (Gosh it takes everything in me to actually put those numbers out there for the world and the internets to see but I am coming clean!) For the intent of this blog though we are going to focus on the starting weight not the fat loading weight.  
So Starting weight 3/30 was 269.8.  Today is exactly one week later and I am currently at 262.4.  I have been VERY good about the 500 calories however I don't live in a vacuum and sometimes it isn't possible to stick to exactly the foods listed in the manuscript.  On Monday we had an end of the year banquet for my daughter's scout troop.  It wasn't like there was grilled chicken and asparagus on the menu so I had the meat off of a roast beef sandwich and a few celery sticks and some broccoli.  The there was last night when I made a chuck steak in gravy for the family, which is one of my favs if I must say and I couldn't resist so along with my 100 g piece of grilled chicken on a bed of green lettuce with a few red radishes I also snuck a few pieces of the roast.....and this morning I was still down a full 2 pounds!  In fact I have hit AT LEAST two pounds every day.
Now I am realistic, I don't expect to keep up at this rate but I finally find myself HAPPY to face the scale and I haven't felt that way in a LONNNG time.  So I am going to try to post in this blog daily to show what I actually ate and my daily weigh in.  I will be on this first cycle until I believe July 13.  I really hope to knock off the 40 lbs they say I can expect. I will be repeating this 6 weeks after that if I make it through until the 13th. (really it is 40 days, that is like Lent, right??)  It will be hard, I don't have the most will power and I often have a love hate relationship with food.  I know I don't always eat just for hunger which is my fatal flaw! That is why I am keeping this blog.  I need the accountability.

For anyone who is reading this because they are curious about the plan (as I was and couldn't find many personal accounts on here) I will say, I haven't yet felt that so full feeling I couldn't choke down the low calories required.  I feel the most hungry first thing in the morning but it does go away and I am not in the least bit suffering.  My step son is getting married this weekend so THAT will be a challenge but if I could treat my little ones to a bag of gummi bears yesterday and NOT EAT A ONE....I CAN do this! 


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