Wednesday, June 27, 2012


total lost:24.1

My weight loss ticker from lilyslim seems confused and still has me at day 24, not sure what that is about but I am happy with my overall loss so far.  I have leveled off to more like 1 lb a day but even going like this I am on target for 40lbs for this round.  Let's face it even if I only hit 30 that is a 30 lb loss when before I started this even with weight watchers I couldn't seem to lose one pound! 

breakfast yesterday was coffee, lunch was a grilled chicken salad from a Mexican restaurant(I threw away over half of the meat because this salad was insanely large!) and dinner was shrimp sauteed and served over a bed of bibb lettuce.  Simple and sweet.  I didn't include any fruit.  I am going to try to at least get my apple in today and see if that makes my number get a little higher for tomorrow.  

I will be doing measurements on July 1st 

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