Tuesday, June 26, 2012


total lost:23

I think I might be starting to build up an immunity as I am nearing the end of my first round.  I might have eaten two or three noodles from my daughters lunch and now that I think of it my lunch might not have been great.  my dinner was a tiny piece of roast on romaine lettuce. 

i went skating with my daughter last night and really thought I would be lower today, however the scale is still going down so no complaints!  I am going to stick to the diet implicitly today.  I miss seeing those big numbers on the scale.  I really need to hit the grocery store and get more veggies though. 

Oh I agreed to meet some friends for lunch at a Mexican place today, should be interesting. I am considering cancelling but I don't know, I am sure they would have a fajita or fajita salad that should be ok, right???

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