Saturday, June 30, 2012


total lost: 24.1
shots to to go:16
ugh I do NOT like days like this, I know they happen though.  I made it all week long being in charge of making snacks for 120 kids at Vacation Bible School only to have my aunt and uncle visiting and making potato balls to mess me up!  Then on Friday I just seem to have a horrible time.  I also still feel so stopped up.  Do not like this feeling!  I got the smooth move tea I have been told about and tried that last night.  I had some relief this morning but still feel icky.  I am going to have to stay on track today or I will never reach my goal for this round.  If I can't keep pounds off while I am still taking the HCG how am I ever going to survive phase three before I start round 2 phase 2??????

OH just to keep things straight, my understanding of the abbreviations is that Round 1(or future 2,3, infinity) is the number of times you have started the HCG, Phase 1 is the fat loading days, phase two is the actual VLCD(very low calorie days) and  Diet Phase 3 is the 3-week period after the completion of Phase 2. This is the phase that reset your hypothalamus and locks in the weight loss achieved during phase 2. It is very important not to add any sugar, starch, fast foods, or heavily processed foods including fruits that are high in sugar to this part of diet. There is a phase 4 which is basically maintenance but since I will not get to that until at least February 2013, I am not too concerned with it right now. 

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