Monday, June 11, 2012


Such a busy weekend!  My stepson got married and we went out of town for the wedding.  I was sooo worried this would be my down fall.  I could not weigh all weekend.  I stuck to protocol as best as possible on Friday when we were driving up.  We ate with the future in laws but fortunately we ate at their place and had hamburgers and salad, not exactly protocol but I could make it work.  Then Sat morning the day of the wedding we went to a diner and I actually got them to make an omelet with 3 egg whites and one full egg! Score right, still right on track....and that is where I blew it.  The food at the wedding wasn't horrible, at least nothing was fried! I tried not to go crazy but I was still worried THEN they insisted we stay for steak dinner.....Well it was a special occasion and wont happen again (we hope) so I wont beat myself up about it.  
Sunday I got back on track and didn't eat ANYTHING off protocol.  So I got up today just hoping to not be up today....I am excited to say I am DOWN even after all I ate Saturday.  (I could beat myself up thinking HOW down would I be if I hadn't messed up Saturday but that doesn't do anyone any good!) 

I am down 1.3 to 258.6~  I am not going to try to actually list every thing I ate it will be impossible.  

Here's hoping to even bigger losses tomorrow!!

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