Monday, June 25, 2012


I know I said yesterday was Day 24 but according to my calendar today is so some where my count on my blog messed up, I am going to keep this up with what I see written out.

down: 0 (ETA *after a nice trip to the potty I am actually down .2 )

I am SOOO ok with that!  This is why, my daughter had a friend spend over yesterday and they wanted to make cake in the easy bake oven.  Cake batter is like kryptonite to me and I ate SOOO much of it.  I was really worried I would be up like 5 pounds today.  

I am really glad this weekend is  over.  I still have at least 9 lbs to meet my goal this round.  I really want to make it to 45 lbs but that isn't looking so good right now.  I will be happy with 30.  Just going to have to work much harder next round to stay on track of losing my full goal by January, still totally doable as long as I don't let my vacation in December (DisneyWorld) throw me too far off track!  

I should mention I am feeling a little stopped up again.  This seems to be a recurring issue.  It was suggested I try something called smooth move tea.  I am for sure going to try to find some of that because I am tired of feeling so uncomfortable.

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