Wednesday, July 11, 2012


weight: 240.1
total lost:31.1 
Days until next round: 40 
This phase is going to be difficult!  I have gotten so used to NOT eating that it is hard to feel ok eating so much now!  I have a hard time counting my actual calories because, well frankly I find it to be a pain.  Since I didn't gain or lose today I am going to say I did ok yesterday.  I had all natural sausage for breakfast, lunch was eggs with bacon and eggs, imitation crab meat and a chicken thigh.  Dinner was eggs with more of the all natural sausage.  (I really liked that sausage)  I also nibbled on a little granola for snack which I am pretty sure I am not supposed to do yet (but it is here, just taunting me!)  

I am SOOOO ready to start the next round, these next 6 weeks are going to be HELL! (only because I am so anxious to start losing again.) My next round will take me through the end of September.  Then the next break will be eight weeks, ending just after Thanksgiving.  This is going to be exceptionally hard because I will be going on vacation a week after Thanksgiving so I wont be starting round 3 until just before Christmas (NO way I will be able to do 500 calories a day at Disney....wouldn't want to!  however since I will be in the 'eat what you want' zone I am also thinking this means I might not gain as much as I originally expected to!)  My only question at that part will be do I stay realistic and just give myself until after Christmas or try to do the VLCD over holidays(I think that will be setting myself up for failure!)

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