Wednesday, July 4, 2012


total lost:28.9 (errr sooo close) 
shots to go:14

OOOH sooo close to 30 lbs lost!  Don't get me wrong, I am sooo grateful for every pound lost every day but to be soooo close and not quite hit it yet.  errrr I WILL make it today. Today is Independence day.  I am not just celebrating the birth of our nation but also MY independence from the addiction to food!  I am far from over it but I feel like every day I am fighting my urges more and more.  

I am going to bring my own food to this bbq we have to go to today.  Last time we went to a cook out at my sister in laws (which we are doing today) I felt like I could eat just a little and be ok....I am not doing that today!  I will probably eat a bit of chicken since they usually will cook some with no sauce but that is all, I am not going to let myself get tempted.  

I have found I can use crochet to help prevent my idol eating, if I keep my hands busy I don't sit around just munching!  I never knew just how helpful needle arts could be!!

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