Friday, July 6, 2012


weight: 243.2
down: .2
down to date:28

I am soooo frustrated.  I was SO close to 30 and I swear I didn't cheat but I ate really late on July 4th.  I think I am still paying for it!.  I had 1.1 lb to go and actually went up 1.1 instead!  I am now down .2 from that leaving me with exactly 2 lbs to hit 30.  Looking at the amount of HCG I have left, I only actually have 2 MAYBE three shots left this round because I have been giving myself slightly more than the required amount every day.  I WILL hit 30 before I have to go on stage 3.  I am going to stick with stage 3 for 4 weeks before starting round 2. 

Off to order my next batch....takes a while to ship!!!

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