Wednesday, July 25, 2012


(for those not in the 'know' that means round 1phase 3 day 19)

weight: 239.4
down: .7
total lost: 31.8

days until next round: 26

Maintenance is going well.  I have had one change, I started taking birth control pills.  My mood has been all over the place particularly just before my time so when given the choice of birth control or Prozac I went with the birth control. My primary concern is having the birth control cause weight gain.  It is only day two but so far I am actually still losing weight, even after being seduced by a jar of Nutella last night, so all is ok.

On a side note, today has started off beautifully, it is 8:30 and my first child JUST woke up, can't remember the last time I was actually allowed to sleep until 8 am!!!! 

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