Tuesday, July 17, 2012


weight: 240.3
up: .4 
total lost: 30.9 
days until next round: 34

Sorry I missed a few days.  I have been redoing my office and couldn't get to my computer!  Things have been going great.  I am down two pounds from my last shot day and I seem to be fluctuating +/- 1 pound from that spot (the two pound down spot) So, one week down and I seem to be doing ok.  Two weeks to go before I can introduce starches and sugars and five weeks left until round 2!

In the mean time, until starches can resume, I am still loving the shirtaki noodles and my new discovery is Quinoa.  OMG sooooo yummy.  It is a veggie that works like a grain!  It is also very high in protein.  


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