Tuesday, July 3, 2012


total lost: 27.8
shots to go:15

Wow! First 2 lb day in a while.  It was hard, I was really hungry for awhile yesterday but so worth it! I had chicken and asparagus for lunch, then about an hour later I was STARVING so I ate a plain hot dog and a wasa cracker.  Then for dinner all I had was a side salad from Chickfila minus everything so basically a bowl of lettuce.  I even snacked a tiny bit on potato chips.  I went to bed hungry and I woke up hungry but to be soooo  close to 30 lbs lost, so worth it!.  
We went shopping last night so I am restocked on veggies.  So maybe I wont have to be bored with my food, for a few days anyway.  Also I get my veggie box today, I just need to see if I can eat eggplant. 

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